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A Warning From the Elders

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A Warning From the Elders
Byron Metcalf
2007 Dr. BAM's Music (CD)

In this latest solo project, Byron expands his sonic explorations of the shamanic path of soul-based and heart-centered living that is the foundation of his work. This work is centered around organic trance rhythms and interlocking hybrid grooves which drive the experience forward and deeper into the shamanic realms. A WARNING FROM THE ELDERS is the first project where Byron has used his overtone singing to create harmonic drones and soundscapes. With this potent emphasis on the raw, organic sounds of wood, skin, metal, clay, stone, and the human voice, Byron makes a big step forward in his production skills and the result is a delicious blend of fierce percussion, heart-opening textural voices and overtone singing; a powerful meditation of purpose, presence and compassion.
1. Facing The TruthMP3 
2. A Warning From the Elders  
3. Heart WarriorsMP3 
4. Fire PassageMP3 
5. Earth Om – Sacred ResonanceMP3 

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