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Erik Wøllo
2007 Spotted Peccary Music SPM1205 (CD)

Erik Wøllo's elegant forms and effortless melodic style remains a long-time favorite around here. His latest is beautiful and highly recommended. -- "Erik Wøllo creates evocative electronic scores for the cinema of sleep. The imaginative soundtracks on his CD ELEVATIONS conjure up vast panoramas and limitless horizons. The music is spacious and uncluttered, and has a fresh and natural quality to it. Elegant melodies wander through soundscapes of gentle beats and take the listener from states of dreamlike stillness, to frozen brilliance, to warm enchantment. Strikingly similar to his exalted early works Traces and Images of Light, ELEVATIONS opens up spaces and serenely fills them with music. Wøllo's signature use of shining, consonant chord structures, tender melodic phrasing, and masterful sound design are what give ELEVATIONS its adventurous and vibrant character. These 12 deceptively simple compositions are a reading of the spirit as Wøllo infuses this work with his own being. Through his guitar and synthesizers, the summoned music arises, and Wøllo's vaporous ideas chill into form." -- Chuck van Zyl, Star's End
1. ElevationMP36:14 
2. Blue OdysseyMP35:43 
3. The WandererMP36:52 
4. EvolutionMP36:42 
5. Sphere - Into the DreamMP34:32 
6. Red OdysseyMP36:05 
7. NovalisMP34:31 
8. A Sea of StepsMP36:42 
9. Skyskape 2:29 
10. Green OdysseyMP35:47 
11. Arrow of TimeMP34:28 
12. The Land of BirdsMP32:38 

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