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David Parsons
Celestial Harmonies 13181 (CD)

In composing SHAMAN, David Parsons "imagined a gathering of mystics, headed by a high shaman, at night in a remote desert valley." This recording is his "impression of a complete ceremony where mantras are chanted and dervishes are whirling in ecstatic trances to the rhythm of the music." It is Parsons' intention to leave the listener to imagine what the track titles mean, as they will surely mean different things to different people. The CD is filled with a rich composite of electronic and acoustic rhythmic and melodic elements. At their center, most pieces are pulsing sequencer-based patterns, very hypnotic and centered in the body but not overstated. If you appreciate the movement on THE SERPENT'S LAIR and CORE by Steve, this release will prove a nice surprise.

MAITREYA / SHAMAN Combo Pack Special: These two releases are among New Zealand-based David Parsons' finest work. If you don't know of of this synth-electro ethnic master's work, these are the ones to start with. If you know his work and have not heard heard his more dynamic synth ethnic-influenced pieces, these are a feast for the ears mind and heart.

1. The GatheringMP38:00 
2. ShamanMP37:01 
3. They ComeMP310:31 
4. Whirling Into The LightMP39:31 
5. Trance - FormationMP313:08 
6. The ReturnMP38:30 

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