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The Day the Earth Melted

Mini CD out of stock
The Day the Earth Melted
Temps Perdu?
1996 Amplexus XUS06 (Mini CD)

The German-based tribal-ambient duo Temps Perdu? sent us the last few copies of this limited-edition release. A real collector's piece! This mini-CD represents some of their finest work, and captures the Zeitgeist of the day in terms of the darker atmospheric-tribal rhythmic forms that came into full bloom in the 1990's. There is no shelf-life on this music. Anyone who appreciates Jorge Reyes, Vidna Obmana's tribal period, Suspended Memories, Robert Rich and Steve Roach's tribal-era releases needs this. Very few copies are on hand.
1. The Day the Earth Melted 20:48 

Mini 3" CD

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