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1105 Continuum

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1105 Continuum
Gaudi:Testa (Antonio Testa, Gaudi)
2005 em:t 1105 (CD) – UK import

For a limited time, we're offering this fine new collaboration from British electronic artist Gaudi and Italy's Antonio Testa. It's a must-have for all ethno-ambient fans. The release combines all the right elements, from looming soundscapes to organic tone pools and eventually an array of pulses and body grooves which ebb and flow within this sonic biosphere. Informed listeners will know of Testa's work with Alio Die and will also feel parallels with Jorge Reyes, TUU, Suspended Memories and Bill Laswell.
1. Prologue - Helictite labyrinth 11:41 
2. Deimos Prophecy 5:48 
3. Night Watch 6:24 
4. Dawn Cliffs - Il risveglio delle pietre 6:23 
5. Micro-evolution 7:18 
6. Interlude 2:27 
7. Dub hypnosis 8:49 
8. Bass instinct 5:33 
9. Space-mind continuumMP35:24 
10. No escape 5:41 
11. Epilogue - after the plunge 5:41 

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