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Beyond City Light

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Beyond City Light
Jon Jenkins
2005 Spotted Peccary Music SPM0403 (CD)

Spotted Peccary artist Jon Jenkins is one of the standout artists on this California based New Age-ambient label. His style leans more towards the melodic-themematic, which always exists within a lush atmospheric space created from an array of synths and processing. This is a stand out release from his body of releases. If you enjoy the classic period Patrick O'Hearn and Eric Wøllo, then this could be a new discovery for you.

Immersed in mysterious ambience, and alive with energy and emotion, BEYOND CITY LIGHT offers the first taste of new music from Jon Jenkins since his standout release FLOW. Joined by a host of guests, including Erik Wøllo, David Helpling, and Greg Klamt, among others, Jenkins embarks on a sonic sojourn through sparkling city lights and beyond. Floating on deep rivers of textural ambience, piano tonalities, guitar textures, atmospheric loops, percussion, and ethereal vocalizations, journey through vast and scenic spaces, to a realm of deep sleep and dying embers.
1. The CallingMP3 
2. Zzyzx RoadMP3 
3. Through City LightMP3 
4. Secrets of the VirginMP3 
5. LegacyMP3 
6. Deep Sleep and Dying EmbersMP3 
7. The SourceMP3 
8. Sky of SurrenderMP3 
9. Through Different EyesMP3 
10. ForeverMP3 

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