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Khen Introduce Silence

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Khen Introduce Silence
Alio Die
2003 Hic Sunt Leones HSL025 (CD)

Taking basic improvisations from sounds produced only by a Khen (a mouth-organ from Thailand / Laos) and processed by different filters, pans and effects, Stefano Musso looks for a vibrational enviroment that is like a special point of view, where time changes its meaning and sometimes becomes absolutely relative, finding a place for contemplation, like being in the clouds and breathing with the sound of the spheres. Observe the circular harmony of seasons in its never-ending flow. It speaks like old poetry that is familiar to the soul. (Artist's description)
1. Puntar orecchio alle sfereMP3 
2. Gli ossidi del divenireMP3 
3. Accarezzando soma come si fa con una piumaMP3 
4. Fu' cosi'il sogno a tessere radici a terra ed a provvedere al nutrimentoMP3 
5. Una vena preziosaMP3 
6. Introduce silence  
7. In vulvica risonanzaMP3 

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