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Jorge Reyes
2002 Musiteca 40039 (CD)

It is a time for silence, the suns and moons that can be counted, for the remembrance of the gods, for the mystery and knowledge... This is a pure Jorge Reyes pre-Hispanic musical experience. Drawing from the rich cultures of the Mayas, Toltecs, Olmecs, Aztecs and more this is a powerful look at the mystical, traditional music modes and rites that are Jorge's birth right. This release will transport the listener to his famous concerts at the time-worn pyramids and ancient overgrown cities throughout Mexico. Instruments include clay pots, turtle shell, ocarinas, seed pods, log drum, rainstick, cocoon shakers, stones, and more.
1. Web of DreamsMP33:15 
2. SazilakabMP34:50 
3. The People With Painted FaceMP32:04 
4. On the Way to TlalocanMP33:08 
5. Stone MusicMP31:03 
6. DanceMP33:43 
7. The New FireMP32:44 
8. The Nine DirectionsMP33:12 
9. Journey to MictlanMP32:16 
10. Wood MusicMP31:09 
11. Flight of the Bird ChildrenMP39:04 

Re-release of 1990's PREHISPANIC on the Paramusica label.

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