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Indonesian Soundscapes

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Indonesian Soundscapes
Loren Nerell
1999 Soleilmoon SOL 82 (CD)

Ethno-flavored field recordings. Given his inspired flair for ethnic music and affinity for travel, Loren Nerell is unquestionably the ideal candidate for producing an audio documentation of Indonesian culture. Compiled during a series of visits to Java and Bali between 1992 and 1997, INDONESIAN SOUNDSCAPES is a varied travel guide via intensive location recordings of native ceremonies, natural environments, and other places of interest. The most intriguing pieces tend to be the ceremonial entries such as the predawn sanctity of "Call to Prayer", the aggressive native percussion ensemble in "Galungan Ceremony", and most of all, the primal rage of gamelan monkey chants in "Kecak". Thoroughly effective are the tracks of natural ambience found in the self-explanatory "Frogs", "Morning Insect Sounds", "Evening Sounds", and "Morning Rain". -- Adam Bialek, Outburn Magazine

Crank up the central heating, puff on a clove-scented cigarette, and use this album to transform your sitting room into a Balinese bus station. Or a bustling market, a garden in pouring rain, a gamelan maker's showroom, or a frog choir in a rice field. Make no mistake, these frogs are good, crisply recorded while busy rehearsing their minimalist improvisations. INDONESIAN SOUNDSCAPES is a spinoff from a field recording trip by Loren Nerell and Dale Strumpell. Stepping back from a tight focus on music, the ear discovers how it is integrated into other activity, whether it's a shadow play for a New Year party, or Muzak oozing through a Surabaya airport lounge. The general feel is pleasantly ambient, and the brain-shredding racket that is also part of Asian street life is kept at arm's length. -- Clive Bell, The Wire
1. Call To PrayerMP3 
2. Shadow PlayMP3 
3. Wind Through Bamboo ForestMP3 
4. Galungan CeremonyMP3 
5. Bus DepotMP3 
6. FrogsMP3 
7. Kecak (Monkey Chants)MP3 
8. Morning Insect SoundsMP3 
9. Maulud Nabi FestivalMP3 
10. Surabaya AirportMP3 
11. Gamelan Maker ShowroomMP3 
12. House BlessingMP3 
13. A Walk Through the MarketMP3 
14. Evening SoundsMP3 
15. Morning Rain  

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