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Emotional Landscapes

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Emotional Landscapes
Erik Wøllo
2003 Spotted Peccary Music (CD)

Based in Norway, Erik Wøllo has been composing his own world of music for over 20 years. His sound is rich with emotion and is spun with a gifted melodic hand. Plain and simple, this is beautiful music. While the guitar, both processed and more recognized, is found in much of his music, the synth textures and rhythms are always warm and uplifting. If you enjoy classic Patrick O'Hearn then this could be for you. This release is another beauty crafted with melodic grace and flow.

"Hearing the beauty of these new serene soundtextures makes clear that a lot of personal feelings were involved, as the long-stretched serene synth-tapestries unfold bit by bit. The melancholic impact of this recording is startling. These are strong visionary landscapes for the mind, masterfully built by e-guitar, synths, bass and percussion... This album is an absolute winner, holding something for everyone into expansive ambient music." -- Bert Strolenberg, KLEM Magazine
1. In the PictureMP3 
2. MetaphorMP3 
3. PrismMP3 
4. Second TotemMP3 
5. Sounds of the Seen, Part IMP3 
6. ValleyMP3 
7. Virtual WorldMP3 
8. Mountain BeachMP3 
9. Sounds of the Seen, Part IIMP3 
10. SatelliteMP3 
11. Echo Of Night / CadenceMP3 

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