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Michael Stearns, Erik Wøllo
2020 Projekt PRO371 (CD)

Soulful electronic sound-painting and evocative space music combine on Convergence, the debut collaboration between Norway's Erik Wøllo and America's Michael Stearns. Known for passionate soundtrack work on director Ron Fricke's Chronos, Baraka and Samsara, Stearns collaborates with Wøllo on his first indie-label-released non-film-score since 2001. Together, these guitarists/synthesists weave a haunting and shadowy world filled with longing melodies and alluring glimmering sonic textures.

1. Triptyk 10:12 
2. Ruins of the Past 7:34 
3. The Way Ahead 1 5:41 
4. A Solitary Place 8:13 
5. The Nomad's Journey 7:12 
6. Somewhere In The Distance 7:12 
7. The Way Ahead 2 6:15 
8. Subterranean Canyon 6:42 
9. The Herald 7:38 
10. Cirrus (Postlude) 5:30 

Infinite Moments

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Infinite Moments
Erik Wøllo
2018 Projekt (CD)

After nearly four decades and 40 albums of ambient electronics, veteran Norwegian composer Erik Wøllo takes a different approach -- there are no synthesizers! INFINITE MOMENTS is performed entirely on electric guitars processed with the diffused sustain of the EBow and layered note structures of harmonizers. No rhythms, only long, vast and engaging soundscapes. Minimal, extended and infinite in its essence, the album is a meditative inward journey of stillness and reflection -- an emotional mapping of the mind, beautifully weightless and contemplative.

1. Infinite Moments Part 1MP3 
2. Infinite Moments Part 2MP3 
3. Infinite Moments Part 3MP3 
4. Infinite Moments Part 4MP3 
5. Infinite Moments Part 5MP3 
6. Infinite Moments Part 6MP3 

Different Spaces

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Different Spaces
Erik Wøllo
2017 Projekt PRO338 (CD)

Different Spaces presents Erik's first 2-CD studio release, clocking in at 2 hours and 45 minutes. This release marks nine years since Steve introduced Erik's music to the Projekt label with the Stream of Thought collaboration. Projekt has gone on to support a long list of beautiful releases from Wøllo over this time, all consistent in quality, style and artistry. In this set, the Norwegian artist moves away from the stately themes and measured compositions of past releases and into a new place that feels lively and spontaneous. Shorter pieces and passages move through, as the title suggests, different spaces on this sonic travelogue. Marking 35 years as an artist-in-sound, Erik's influences and inspirations appear more on the sleeve in some of these pieces. Be it Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here, Steve Roach's Towards the Dream from DREAMTIME RETURN, and the pulsing sequencer weavings of Tangerine Dream and Euro electronic classics, the echoes of these and more are felt throughout the release. Wøllo's trademark guitar signature sound and graceful melodic touch remain a constant throughout.
Disc 1
1. Low Winter Sun (Introduction 1)MP34:46 
2. Points in TimeMP38:24 
3. SolarisMP36:40 
4. High PlainsMP38:08 
5. Church MountainMP34:39 
6. Similar WorldMP36:18 
7. Past ThemeMP35:38 
8. HydraMP38:01 
9. KaleidoscopeMP38:47 
10. Evening IslandMP36:05 
11. Memory SpaceMP36:53 
Disc 2
1. Mystical Sun (Introduction 2)MP35:10 
2. ChromaMP36:27 
3. Motion BlueMP35:43 
4. The MorphMP37:39 
5. RundreiseMP35:55 
6. Circle DreamMP34:46 
7. Pilgrim WayMP38:41 
8. Cascade FallsMP38:53 
9. Mirror LakeMP36:06 
10. AfterglowMP36:31 
11. ElysiumMP37:12 

Star's End 2015

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Star's End 2015
Silent Currents 4

Erik Wøllo
2016 Projekt PRO335 (CD)

This electronic/ambient release is Erik Wøllo's 2015 live performance at the late-night Star's End radio show on WXPN in Philadelphia. This is a long-form, introspective 60-minute piece with thirteen sections of enigmatic textural components organically flowing into each other. Eschewing the melody and harmony found in Wøllo's studio work, STAR'S END 2015 is an intricate expression of ambience and this artist's potent skills at creating space and ever-expanding sound-universes.

Earth Luminous

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Earth Luminous
Byron Metcalf, Erik Wøllo
2016 Projekt PRO328 (CD)

Electronic musician Erik Wøllo joins tribal-trance percussionist Byron Metcalf for an elegant album weaving melodic, vibrant soundscapes with subtle, grounding rhythms.

1. Days of MagicMP38:49 
2. Light and GroundMP37:57 
3. Far WanderedMP38:35 
4. Valley of SpheresMP38:27 
5. Distant FutureMP37:52 
6. DiomedeaMP38:47 
7. Earth LuminousMP37:26 
8. Linked StarsMP35:21 

The Hues of Infinity

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The Hues of Infinity
Various Artists
2015 Projekt ARC134 (CD)

A mid-2015 Projekt sampler, free at bandcamp.com.
1. Steve Roach: The Function Inside The FormMP35:45 
2. Steve Roach: Etheric ImprintsMP39:44 
3. Erik Wøllo: PathwayMP36:30 
4. As Lonely As Dave Bowman: Failure of the AE-35 unit Radio AntennaMP37:23 
5. Dirk Serries: Disorientation FlowMP37:26 
6. Stratosphere: The Search for Normality (reprise) 7:43 
7. Forrest Fang: The Unreachable Lands - ii. Song of the CamelMP33:47 
8. Alio Die, Lorenzo Montanà: Muns de Etrah 6:50 
9. Mercury's Antennae: They Are With Us 7:20 


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Erik Wøllo
2015 Projekt PRO320 (CD)

Echo: a reflection of sound, arriving at the listener some time after the direct sound. Tides: the rise and fall of sea levels caused by the combined effects of gravitational forces exerted by the Moon, Sun, and rotation of the Earth.

1. EchoTides No. 1MP3 
2. EchoTides No. 2MP3 
3. EchoTides No. 3MP3 
4. EchoTides No. 4MP3 
5. EchoTides No. 5MP3 
6. EchoTides No. 6MP3 
7. EchoTides No. 7MP3 

Blue Radiance

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Blue Radiance
Erik Wøllo
2015 Projekt PRO314 (CD)

As a bridge leading to a new uncharted continent, Erik Wllo's BLUE RADIANCE transports the listener along innovative, shimmering and sonorous musical pathways. The nineteenth solo album from this renowned Norwegian ambient/electronic artist continues to develop and refine his masterfully crafted soundworld into an intensely detailed fusion of elegant compositions and deep atmospherics.

1. Terra Novus 1MP3 
2. Terra Novus 2MP3 
3. Blue RadianceMP3 
4. PathwayMP36:30 
5. OsmosisMP3 
6. Moon AboveMP3 
7. Revealed in TimeMP3 
8. Crystal OrbitsMP3 
9. SepiaMP3 
10. TimemorphMP3 
11. Earth SkyMP3 


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Erik Wøllo
2014 Projekt PRO306 (CD)

The TUNDRA EP finds Erik Wøllo creating fascinating atmospheric and rhythmic instrumental electronic music. This 30-minute 5-song EP features all new, previously-unreleased tracks that showcase Erik's ability to incorporate new and fresh elements into his music while remaining true to his unique style. A strong emphasis on sequenced rhythmic passages and grooves mixes with spacious deep ambient soundscapes and melodic themes provided by electric guitars and various synthesizers.

1. TundraMP37:07 
2. PermaMP35:43 
3. TaigaMP35:43 
4. The Native ChantMP35:16 
5. Swirled LightsMP35:14 


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Erik Wøllo
2014 Projekt PRO298 (CD)

TIMELINES is the 18th solo album from veteran Norwegian ambient/electronic artist Erik Wøllo. It's a warm, epic and shimmering cycle of memorable electronic music. Noted for his many Echoes Radio albums of the month -- and placement on "Best of the Year" lists at Amazon, Zone Music Reporter, Schallwelle Award (Germany), and others -- TIMELINES continues in that tradition with nine engaging pieces exploring the idea of music and time: how elements of past, present and future affect a listener's perceptions.

1. InceptionMP36:39 
2. Blue RondoMP37:01 
3. Color of MindMP35:01 
4. VisionsMP36:11 
5. PathfinderMP37:29 
6. Spirit of the Place 5:15 
7. Along the JourneyMP36:39 
8. TimescapeMP34:54 
9. OceanMP35:20 

Possibilities of Circumstance

CD $8.00
Possibilities of Circumstance
Various Artists
2013 Projekt PRO295 (CD)

Carrying on the tradition of Projekt's unique multi-artist collections, POSSIBILITIES OF CIRCUMSTANCE is an international gathering of electronic and ambient artists featuring seven previously unreleased tracks. Steve's piece "Consumed by Sunlight" was recorded this Summer; a preview from an upcoming release created over 2013, SPIRAL MEDITATIONS, containing shimmering, spiraling and uplifting pieces full of light and energy. Look for it early 2014.
1. Steve Roach: Consumed by SunlightMP37:53 
2. Tim Story, Roedelius: Lazy Arc (excerpt) 7:36 
3. Robert Rich: Callyx 5:58 
4. Ulrich Schnauss, Mark Peters: There's Always Tomorrow 5:37 
5. Larry Fast: Tower Indigo 7:45 
6. Jeff Pearce: Mapping the Autumn Sky 6:39 
7. Nathan Youngblood, Soriah: Recuerdos De Luna 7:02 
8. Erik Wøllo: Misty Blue 7:22 


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Erik Wøllo
2012 Projekt PRO278 (CD)

"Erik Wøllo manages to synthesize influences from Tangerine Dream and Pink Floyd to Steve Reich and modern electronica. But as one of the most distinctive voices in contemporary instrumental music, he's truly morphed these sounds into a image-evoking modality that is wholly his own." -- John Diliberto, Echoes Radio

1. Spring Equinox (prelude)MP34:10 
2. The DriftMP35:17 
3. Red EarthMP37:00 
4. Airborne 1MP35:39 
5. Circle LakeMP34:30 
6. Lost and FoundMP36:40 
7. Airborne 2MP35:30 
8. The Longest DayMP36:02 
9. Time RiverMP36:37 
10. North of the MountainsMP35:14 
11. The Magic SpotMP36:00 
12. Airborne 3MP35:08 

Traces / Images of Light / Solstice

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Traces / Images of Light / Solstice
Erik Wøllo
2012 Spotted Peccary Music (CD) – remastered

Limited-edition three-pack, signed and numbered, exclusively from steveroach.com and Spotted Peccary.

Disc 1: Traces
Disc 2: Images of Light
Disc 3: Solstice
Show track listing...

Silent Currents: Live at Star's End

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Silent Currents: Live at Star's End
Erik Wøllo
2011 Projekt PRO262 (CD)

The 2-CD SILENT CURRENTS showcases a different side of Erik Wøllo's sound. Here he explores fascinating electronic / ambient landscapes with slow-motion structures, surreal soundscapes and floating currents. Drawn from two separate live radio broadcasts, 104 minutes of music traverse a more ambient, atmospheric and textural side than experienced on his other albums. Recorded in the studio of the famous Star's End radio show in Philadelphia, these performances from 2002 and 2007 are each a disc-long continuous piece with several chapters. With more focus on the deep drones than on melody and rhythm, zones drift and morph, organically flowing into each other. Layers of electronics and processed sound combine with light touches of electric guitar melody floating on top. Quiet, sparse and gentle electronic music with ambient passages mix with occasions of sequencer pulses.

Disc 1
1. Silent Currents 1 (Philadelphia, PA, April 27 2002)MP352:28 
Disc 2
1. Silent Currents 2 (Philadelphia, PA, October 28 2007)MP351:43 

The Road Eternal

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The Road Eternal
Steve Roach, Erik Wøllo
2011 Projekt PRO259 (CD)
Reviewed by Ambient Music Guide, Brutal Resonance, Hypnagogue, Musique Machine, New Age Retailer, One Thousand Pulses, Relaxed Machinery, seanwilliams.com, Sonic Immersion, Star's End, Synth & Sequences

Following their collaboration STREAM OF THOUGHT, Roach and Wollo reunite to travel THE ROAD ETERNAL, an electronic/ambient path filled with passion and beauty. Six engaging and expansive rhythmic sequencer-based tracks intersperse with ambient zones and soaring electric guitar textures highlighting sparse, arching thematic lines.

1. The Road EternalMP321:21 
2. Depart at SunriseMP39:16 
3. The Next PlaceMP312:15 
4. First TwilightMP34:35 
5. Travel By MoonlightMP310:06 
6. Night StrandsMP35:16 

SoundQuest Fest 2010

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E-Ticket sold out
SoundQuest Fest 2010
An International Gathering of Sonic Innovators and Ambient Architects

Steve Roach, Byron Metcalf, Loren Nerell, Erik Wøllo, Mark Seelig
2010 (E-Ticket)

Steve Roach (USA), Electronic-Ambient Pioneer
Erik Wøllo (Norway), Cinematic Guitar Soundscapes
Byron Metcalf (USA), Shamanic Trance Percussion
Mark Seelig (Germany), East Indian Devotional Music
Loren Nerell (USA), Indonesian Soundscapes

Special Guests: Dashmesh Khasla, Didgeridoo; Brian Parnham, Didgeridoo; Beate Maria, Tambora; Lynn Augstein / Cobalt Sun, Visual Ambience; Roger King, Sound

October 23, 2010, 2:00pm - 11:00pm
Berger Performing Arts Center, Tucson Arizona

Please note: All tickets are "will call"; no tickets will be mailed. Just show your invoice or photo ID at the door. All tickets sales are final and processed upon receipt. No refunds. Tickets also available at the door, space permitting. Please check the Feature page (link at left) for updates, schedule, directions, lodging info and more.


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Erik Wøllo
2010 Projekt PRO244 (CD)

Since the mid-80s, Wøllo has released a string of mesmerizingly melodic, textural, original albums culminating in Gateway, his 14th solo release. His recent collaboration with Steve Roach, STREAM OF THOUGHT, helped introduce a new audience to his personal signature of introspective atmospherics. Working over two years creating Gateway, Wøllo presents a fine-tuned collection of carefully crafted compositions; electro-symphonies morph through a wide variety of moods, guitar expositions and crescendos. With a minimalist's restrained elegance, Wøllo creates evocative passage through imaginary landscapes by blending dark and light elements. The resulting music is visual, kindling the feeling of nature inspired by the Nordic landscapes of Wøllo's homeland. These epic dimensions are reflected in the beautiful album cover images created by Polish artist Michal Karcz; dramatic, vast, and untouched landscapes symbolize purity and beauty.

1. Land of MythsMP34:50 
2. First ArrivalMP37:08 
3. The CrossingMP38:25 
4. A Sublime PlaceMP33:16 
5. GatewayMP35:36 
6. Blue UniverseMP33:57 
7. The TravelerMP36:12 
8. There Will Be SnowMP35:20 
9. The Mental TrailMP35:16 
10. Full CircleMP36:15 
11. WetlandsMP35:22 
12. ThuleMP38:35 

Between Worlds

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Between Worlds
Erik Wøllo, Deborah Martin (with Steve Roach)
2009 Spotted Peccary Music SPM9062 (CD)

BETWEEN WORLDS is a dynamic and daring collaboration between widely-respected and well-known artists Deborah Martin and Erik Wøllo. This album delivers from the first track to the last, a profound experience that teleports the listener to a place, or more succinctly, a ceremonial space, honoring and invoking the spirit of the American Indian.

1. Between WorldsMP3 
2. Spirit SongMP3 
3. AnasaziMP3 
4. The Thunder and the WaterMP3 
5. Ancestral WhispersMP3 
6. CanyonlandMP3 
7. A Healing WayMP3 
8. Gathering at SunriseMP3 
9. Distant VoicesMP3 
10. From Earth to the SkyMP3 
11. Sunrise at WhiteriverMP3 
12. Winds of TimeMP3 

Features Steve Roach on six pieces.

Stream of Thought

CD $15.00
Stream of Thought
Steve Roach, Erik Wøllo
2008 Projekt PRO224 (CD)
Reviewed by All Music Guide, e/i magazine, Electroambient Space, Guts Of Darkness, MusicTAP, Sonic Curiosity, Sonic Immersion, Tokafi

The mind is a mystery of thoughts and fluidly-shifting collected memories. There are many thoughts which form complete stories, while others are mere threads with no beginning or ending. The flow of ideas is energetic, pulsating and often in dramatic contrast. In the same manner, STREAM OF THOUGHT escorts us with cinematic precision through the mind's uncountable destinations. Organic electronic and new ambient sonic boundaries effortlessly dissolve on STREAM OF THOUGHT.

1. Part 1MP3 
2. Part 2MP3 
3. Part 3MP3 
4. Part 4MP3 
5. Part 5MP3 
6. Part 6MP3 
7. Part 7MP3 
8. Part 8MP3 
9. Part 9MP3 
10. Part 10MP3 
11. Part 11MP3 
12. Part 12MP3 
13. Part 13MP3 
14. Part 14MP3 
15. Part 15MP3 
16. Part 16MP3 
17. Part 17MP3 
18. Part 18MP3 
19. Part 19MP3 

Presented as a 73-minute continuous flow.


CD out of stock
Erik Wøllo
2007 Spotted Peccary Music SPM1205 (CD)

Erik Wøllo's elegant forms and effortless melodic style remains a long-time favorite around here. His latest is beautiful and highly recommended. -- "Erik Wøllo creates evocative electronic scores for the cinema of sleep. The imaginative soundtracks on his CD ELEVATIONS conjure up vast panoramas and limitless horizons. The music is spacious and uncluttered, and has a fresh and natural quality to it. Elegant melodies wander through soundscapes of gentle beats and take the listener from states of dreamlike stillness, to frozen brilliance, to warm enchantment. Strikingly similar to his exalted early works Traces and Images of Light, ELEVATIONS opens up spaces and serenely fills them with music. Wøllo's signature use of shining, consonant chord structures, tender melodic phrasing, and masterful sound design are what give ELEVATIONS its adventurous and vibrant character. These 12 deceptively simple compositions are a reading of the spirit as Wøllo infuses this work with his own being. Through his guitar and synthesizers, the summoned music arises, and Wøllo's vaporous ideas chill into form." -- Chuck van Zyl, Star's End
1. ElevationMP36:14 
2. Blue OdysseyMP35:43 
3. The WandererMP36:52 
4. EvolutionMP36:42 
5. Sphere - Into the DreamMP34:32 
6. Red OdysseyMP36:05 
7. NovalisMP34:31 
8. A Sea of StepsMP36:42 
9. Skyskape 2:29 
10. Green OdysseyMP35:47 
11. Arrow of TimeMP34:28 
12. The Land of BirdsMP32:38 

To the Sky and Beyond the Stars: A Tribute to Michael Garrison

CD out of stock
To the Sky and Beyond the Stars: A Tribute to Michael Garrison
Various Artists
2004 Quantum Records QCD0466 (CD)

For a limited time we're offering this heartfelt 2-CD tribute to the late American synthesizer artist Michael Garrison. Those who who knew his distinct melodic and sequencer-based style born from the classic European EM of the 70's will recognize the heart and soul these artists put into the tracks which honor his spirit.
Disc 1
1. Redshift: Crystalline 94 6:47 
2. Erik Wøllo: The Flight 5:04 
3. Jonn Serrie: The Star Road 7:06 
4. Axess: The Pilgrim Soul 7:52 
5. Venj@: Astral Waves 4:49 
6. Callisto: Chilled Naiad 5:47 
7. Gert Emmens: The Beginning of a New Day 5:15 
8. Craig Padilla: Parallels 7:18 
9. Paul Lawler: Neon Nights 5:08 
10. Thought Guild: Return to the Sun 5:41 
11. Something Completely Different: Adagio for Michael 8:05 
12. Schönwälder, Keller & Broekhuis: Water Music 2 7:00 
Disc 2
1. Dom F Scab: 12 + 1 6:43 
2. Wave World: Tirzan Sundance 3:47 
3. Numina: Within Worlds 6:50 
4. Rein van den Oever: Bon Voyage 5:03 
5. Sayer: Amaranthine 6:31 
6. Binar: Into the West 5:05 
7. Rudy Adrian: Sisters 6:32 
8. Remy: Fade Away 5:53 
9. Rogue Element: A Different Sky 6:12 
10. Jeffrey Koepper: Godspeed 5:55 
11. Akikaze: The Iceland Error 5:33 
12. Fred Becker: River Reveree 3:32 
13. Stephen Parsick: Impact (2004 Remix) 5:35 
14. Cosmic Hoffmann: Requiem 6:49 

Emotional Landscapes

CD out of stock
Emotional Landscapes
Erik Wøllo
2003 Spotted Peccary Music (CD)

Based in Norway, Erik Wøllo has been composing his own world of music for over 20 years. His sound is rich with emotion and is spun with a gifted melodic hand. Plain and simple, this is beautiful music. While the guitar, both processed and more recognized, is found in much of his music, the synth textures and rhythms are always warm and uplifting. If you enjoy classic Patrick O'Hearn then this could be for you. This release is another beauty crafted with melodic grace and flow.

1. In the PictureMP3 
2. MetaphorMP3 
3. PrismMP3 
4. Second TotemMP3 
5. Sounds of the Seen, Part IMP3 
6. ValleyMP3 
7. Virtual WorldMP3 
8. Mountain BeachMP3 
9. Sounds of the Seen, Part IIMP3 
10. SatelliteMP3 
11. Echo Of Night / CadenceMP3 

Wind Journey

CD out of stock
Wind Journey
Erik Wøllo
2001 Spotted Peccary Music (CD)

Based in Norway, Erik Wøllo has been composing his own world of music for over 20 years. His sound is rich with emotion and is spun with a gifted melodic hand. Plain and simple, this is beautiful music. While the guitar, both processed and more recognized, is found in much of his music, the synth textures and rhythms are always warm and uplifting. If you enjoy classic Patrick O'Hearn then this could be for you. Steve adds, "I never go on a road trip without Erik Wøllo's music cued up for the drive. Last year while driving through Wolf Creek Pass in Colorado, WIND JOURNEY seemed composed for every turn of the road and the unfolding views."
1. BeginningMP3 
2. Wind Journey 1MP3 
3. Blue MoonMP3 
4. Dream LinesMP3 
5. Going NorthMP3 
6. AwakeningMP3 
7. InsulaMP3 
8. Wind Journey 2MP3 
9. SeaMP3 
10. Open LandMP3 
11. Spring PoemMP3 
12. RainMP3 
13. Distant ViewMP3 
14. Huldra 2MP3 
15. Early AutumnMP3 
16. FrostMP3 
17. Winter ShineMP3 
18. Winter LakeMP3 
19. Passage Of TimeMP3 
20. DestinationMP3 
21. Aurora BorealisMP3 
22. CloudscapesMP3 
23. HomeMP3 

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