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The Witch Hammer

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The Witch Hammer
Shinjuku Thief
Projekt (CD)

Shinjuku Thief's 1993 opus, THE WITCH HAMMER, is a classic Gothic Industrial masterpiece paying homage to German expressionist film of the 1920's and supernatural horror from the 1500's. Dark, orchestral timbres set into rich soundscapes, interspersed with outbursts of violence and power.
1. Tollkorn  
2. Waltz of the MidwivesMP3 
3. The Witch Hammer  
4. Smell of NightfallMP3 
5. A Midnight MassMP3 
6. WolfzahnMP3 
7. Poena DamniMP3 
8. Trespassing the GatesMP3 
9. The Darkened PsalmMP3 
10. TotenheerMP3 
11. Burkhardt of WormsMP3 
12. Flight of the Screech OwlsMP3 
13. Warm as Blood Beneath the ClodsMP3 
14. In the Path of Walpurga's AshesMP3 

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