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Jeff Greinke appears on these releases:

Cities in Fog 2

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Cities in Fog 2
Jeff Greinke
2011 Projekt ARC010b (CD)

The seeds for this project were sown in early 1995, when Naut Humon (of Sombient Records) invited me to contribute music to a compilation (the first part of a trilogy) entitled Throne of Drones. After accepting this offer, I found myself thinking of musical terrain I had all but abandoned some years earlier. I subsequently composed music for the compilation, as well as for the second part of the trilogy, that strongly reminded me of my earlier work. Out of this renewed interest in exploring such musical landscapes came the notion of making, 10 years later, a sequel to my first album, Cities in Fog.

Chasing the Dawn: Ultima Thule Ambient

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Chasing the Dawn: Ultima Thule Ambient
Various Artists
2006 Ultima Thule UTAM001 (CD)

Imported from Australia after three years in the making, the inaugural Ultima Thule CD has finally arrived! Ultima Thule is a popular long-running radio program airing Sydney and Adelaide, dedicated to pure ambient and electronic music. This collection is a 78-minute excursion into the realms of atmospheric ambience from the artists who have been consistently broadcast across the Australian city landscape. CHASING THE DAWN: ULTIMA THULE AMBIENT features a selection of previously-unreleased music by thirteen of the world's most acclaimed ambient composers, among them Steve Roach, Robert Rich, Tim Story, Jeff Greinke and Thom Brennan. Steve's piece was created just for this release, titled after the fantastic land and stone formations in the general area of Uluru (Ayers Rock) in central Australia. Steve spent time here during his extended Australia journeys.
1. Tim Story: Otherize 3:21 
2. Matt Borghi: Salila 4:48 
3. Delicate Systems: Drawn From Sleep 6:49 
4. Amongst Myselves: Distant Horizons 7:28 
5. Robert Rich: Qatifan 4:54 
6. Kelly David: Temple of DawnMP37:38 
7. Jeff Greinke: 5000 Falling Souls (Ultima Thule mix) 6:42 
8. Thom Brennan: Falling Water 6:43 
9. Robert Scott Thompson: Ascent 2:34 
10. Jim Cole: The Way Beyond (edit)MP37:50 
11. Dan Barrio: Between States 6:15 
12. Steve Roach: Approaching Kata Tjuta 7:22 
13. Numina: Red Stone, Black Sky 5:39 

Weather From Another Planet

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Weather From Another Planet
Jeff Greinke
2003 First World Music (CD)

Greinke's follow-up to his highly acclaimed 2002 release WIDE VIEW is a more upbeat ride over and through richly textured terrain. There's an unobtrusive yet deep rhythmic feel to this work that lends an utterly appealing liquid quality to his overall signature sound. This music is warm, spacious, multilayered, and highly enjoyable.
1. Sunday AfternoonMP34:37 
2. ClimbMP35:26 
3. VisitorMP36:38 
4. Dark GlassMP35:14 
5. SpinMP34:50 
6. KrakatoaMP36:56 
7. Big StrideMP36:14 
8. Rolling SquareMP35:17 
9. Little Dust DevilsMP34:51 
10. FlightMP36:22 

Wide View

CD out of stock
Wide View
Jeff Greinke
2002 Hypnos (CD)

Exquisite, subtle, timeless, intimate, organic, and melancholic. A listening experience that is relaxing, yet remains engaging on many levels. After focusing for several years on his group projects, Land and Hana, Greinke returns in 2002 with his first solo and truly ambient record in years. A listening experience that is relaxing, yet remains engaging on many levels. "The way he incorporates synth pads, resonant strings, chimes, and piano into such finely honed compositions is truly a marvel to hear." (Outburn)
1. Wide View  
2. GlideMP3 
3. One SeptemberMP3 
4. SubmergeMP3 
5. InterludeMP3 
6. CloudburstMP3 
7. Slow CirclesMP3 
8. BounceMP3 
9. Last WaveMP3 

Lost Terrain

CD out of stock
Lost Terrain
Jeff Greinke
1999 Hypnos (CD)

Lustrous, shimmering, beautiful. Although slightly ominous, these compositions maintain an underlying quality of peace throughout. These rich luminous soundscapes conjure a wonderful strange world.
1. Terrain of MemoryMP3 
2. The CryMP3 
3. The MoorMP3 
4. River of WoodMP3 
5. Falling AwayMP3 
6. The PrecipiceMP3 
7. SpiresMP3 
8. Rendered MotionlessMP3 
9. ConfluenceMP3 

remastered from the 1992 Silent Records release

Places of Motility

CD out of stock
Places of Motility
Jeff Greinke
1998 Hypnos (CD)

Greinke's follow-up to his ground-breaking first album CITIES IN FOG. "Skates the edge of incomprehensibility... has some of the spaciousness of new age, but it's dark instead of pretty. Maybe we could call it dark age music." (Keyboard)
1. UprisingMP3 
2. Suspended In DarknessMP3 
3. Centuries PassedMP3 
4. Billowing Smoke  
5. Fallacy  
6. Unfamiliar VoicesMP3 
7. A Dank PlaceMP3 
8. PolaritiesMP3 
9. Spoken With AuthorityMP3 
10. Oceanic LiftMP3 
11. DroppedMP3 
12. SwayedMP3 
13. Travelling SecretsMP3 
14. The WellMP3 
15. CirrusMP3 

Cities in Fog

CD out of stock
Cities in Fog
Jeff Greinke
1997 Projekt (CD)

Dark ambient pioneer Greinke's first album from 1985 is finally issued on disc with a bonus CD in the same sonic terrain. Moody soundscapes from a true original.
Disc 1
1. Moving Through Fog  
2. Urban PastureMP3 
3. CreviceMP3 
4. UpwellingMP3 
5. Maintain CirculationMP3 
6. ScudMP3 
7. Foreign CorridorMP3 
8. Metal From the SkyMP3 
9. Offshore SearchMP3 
10. Among IcebergsMP3 
Disc 2
1. Harbor IslandMP3 
2. BetweenMP3 
3. Still FallMP3 
4. MeltMP3 
5. The CornerMP3 
6. City LightMP3 
7. NightcrawlerMP3 
8. BelowMP3 
9. Low CeilingMP3 

Over Ruins / Moving Climates

CD out of stock
Over Ruins / Moving Climates
Jeff Greinke
1996 Projekt (CD)

Jeff Greinke's unique process of sound-layering creates electronic music that is rich in texture, depth, mood, and subtle detail.
1. Lead and Stream  
2. Regions Rendered BarrenMP3 
3. CanalMP3 
4. Runaway FreightMP3 
5. Over Ruins  
6. Inhabited TunnelMP3 
7. Pillars of LightMP3 
8. Across Vast PlainsMP3 
9. Island ArcMP3 
10. Difficult WordsMP3 
11. Their Final HourMP3 
12. Open DuctMP3 
13. Stray ThoughtsMP3 
14. Gathering ForceMP3 
15. Red TideMP3 
16. Traffic WarsMP3 
17. Towering CumulusMP3 

Big Weather

CD out of stock
Big Weather
Jeff Greinke
1994 Linden Music (CD)

With his third release on Linden Music, Greinke energizes his filmic compositions with a plethora of exotic rhythms and sonic meteorological phenomena. This music gets under your skin.
1. PlateauMP3 
2. Last WordsMP3 
3. The Happy IslesMP3 
4. Their Secret GameMP3 
5. SwimmingMP3 
6. River LimbaMP3 
7. Exploding White StarsMP3 
8. Hot WireMP3 
9. OverlayMP3 
10. Dirt RoadMP3 
11. OrbitsMP3 
12. Brastagi NightMP3 

Timbral Planes

CD out of stock
Timbral Planes
Jeff Greinke
1994 Linden Music (CD)

"This music has a sense of mystery and danger that is absolutely compelling" (Ear). A 1989 release that incorporates a wide variety of ethnic sounding percussive timbres into Greinke's otherwise droning strange-world landscapes. There are only a few copies left of this soon to be out-of-print Linden Music release.
1. Timbral PlanesMP3 
2. Slow FallMP3 
3. RiftMP3 
4. A Splash and ThunderMP3 
5. Glacial ReturnMP3 
6. Rolling Black CloudMP3 
7. The WaitingMP3 
8. In CagesMP3 
9. River's EdgeMP3 
10. Upon ReflectionMP3 
11. MirrorsMP3 
12. Difficult Worlds  
13. Cloud SwellMP3 

Twilight Earth

CD out of stock
Twilight Earth
Various Artists
1994 Timebase LC 5432 (CD)
Reviewed by Harbinger Hour

This cross-section of the best and brightest stars on the ethnographical plateau is not only one of the most representative of the genre, it's one of the few collections worth owning. O Yuki Conjugate leads things off in a ghostly fashion with the ominous "Insect-Talk (Dry)" six minutes of eerie percussives, hushed chants, ganking bass and nocturnal electronics. Vidna Obmana's "The Embrace in Motion" shows how influential his recent mindmelds with Steve Roach have been as he explores the same morass of electronic primordialism to chilling effect, while Roach himself chimes in with "Before the Sacrifice", featuring tribal, penetrating hand-struck percussions and canyon-deep chords of synth that envelop you totally. Jorge Reyes dabbles in yet more of his singular acoustic prehispanics, while the mysterious Belgian troupe known as Hybryds explores infinitely frightening realms on "Orca". Temps Perdu? continue to amaze with "Rano Raraku" which suggests murky abyssal depths but has cosmic overtones as well. And there's further remarkable contributions from the likes of Jeff Greinke, Alio Die, Paul Schütze (deep-space electronics mixed with Hassell-like ethereal beats), Voice of Eye, Dino Oon & Konrad Kraft and Human Flesh." -- Darren Bergstein, i/e Magazine
1. O Yuki Conjugate: Insect Talk (Dry) 6:11 
2. Vidna Obmana: The Embrace In MotionMP35:48 
3. Steve Roach: Before the SacrificeMP36:51 
4. Jorge Reyes: Espejo Humeante 5:34 
5. Hybryds: Orca (Remix) 4:42 
6. Temps Perdu?: Rano Raraku 5:43 
7. Dino Oon, Konrad Kraft: The Garden of Friction II 5:23 
8. Voice of Eye: Vas Tremens 5:52 
9. Jeff Greinke: Ancestral Horizon 6:03 
10. Alio Die: The Flight of Real Image 6:26 
11. Paul Schütze: All That Was Solid... 6:37 
12. Human Flesh: Paysage Marin Avec Oiseau (Et Babeau à Moteur) 3:04 
13. Tuu: One Thousand Years (Vasel Shevehenko version) 7:07 

In Another Place

CD out of stock
In Another Place
Jeff Greinke
1993 Linden Music (CD)

On this album, Greinke's travels through Southeast Asia become ever more apparent. Distant ringing tones sounding like a gamelan orchestra slowed way down blend with strange animal and insect noises, dark drones, and other unidentifiable sounds.
1. UlanMP3 
2. In Another PlaceMP3 
3. Sing/SplashMP3 
4. ReturnMP3 
5. Sometimes ClimbingMP3 
6. The Cauldron  
7. AnglesMP3 
8. BaluranMP3 
9. Little SummitMP3 
10. The StalkerMP3 
11. CirclefallMP3 
12. Wind WordsMP3 
13. LanuMP3 

The Promises of Silence

CD  $15.00 
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The Promises of Silence
Various Artists
1993 Projekt PRO41 (CD)
Reviewed by Harbinger Hour

An excellent multi-artist collection compiled by Alio Die from 1993, this organic soundscape project includes Dwight Ashley and Tim Story, Temps Perdu?, vidnaObmana, Jeff Greinke, Black Tape For a Blue Girl, Steve Roach, Art of Primitive Sound, Alio Die, Robert Rich and others.
1. Hybryds: Aizen Myoo 6:10 
2. Djen Ajakan Shean: Mountain Wind 6:26 
3. Steve Roach: The Unbroken PromiseMP37:50 
4. Vidna Obmana: Glass Splendour 6:50 
5. Jeff Greinke: Winter Light 7:02 
6. Art of Primitive Sound: Subterranean Worlds 2:10 
7. Ora: Sadalsuud 8:50 
8. Alio Die: The Hidden Spring 4:25 
9. Robert Rich: Black Skies 5:10 
10. Saffron Wood: Deep Water 9:40 
11. black tape for a blue girl: A Good Omen 5:00 
12. Temps Perdu?: Ouroboros 4:13 
13. Dwight Ashley, Tim Story: Baby Thing 5:50 

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