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Forrest Fang appears on these releases:

The Fata Morgana Dream

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The Fata Morgana Dream
Forrest Fang
2019 Projekt PRO356 (CD)

Over the course of seventeen solo albums and three-plus decades, Bay Area ambient/electronic musician Forrest Fang has cultivated his surrealist blend of electronically-transformed ethnic instruments and minimalist aural environments. Fang's pieces reflect his uniquely personal universe of influences, mysterious objects and undefined phenomena. Gently layered drones combine with slow-moving piano themes, violin, as well as subtle Eastern string, wind, and percussive elements.

Following the Ether Sun

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Following the Ether Sun
Forrest Fang
2017 Projekt PRO337 (CD)

Synthesist / multi-instrumentalist Forrest Fang's mesmerizing and emotive electronic-ambience glides upon hypnotizing impressionistic floating formations. Space-music, world music and deep atmospheric zones combine and organically dissipate into a flow of drifting vapor trails. With a rich range of unconventional acoustic instruments, the 73-minute album is a fascinatingly filigreed multi-layered work.

1. On the Edge of a MomentMP3 
2. Midnight RainMP3 
3. ChiaroscuroMP3 
4. The Last Technicolor DreamMP3 
5. HinterlandsMP3 
6. Receding PoolMP3 
7. A River in RetrogradeMP3 
8. Left of the SkyMP3 

The Sleepwalker's Ocean

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The Sleepwalker's Ocean
Forrest Fang
2016 Projekt PRO322 (CD)

THE SLEEPWALKER'S OCEAN, Forrest Fang's first 2-CD studio album, is a hypnotic deep-ambient exploration of the fantastical and elusive realm of the subconscious. Following quickly upon his 2015 LETTERS TO THE FARTHEST STAR, Fang gave free reign to his intuitive and instinctual side on this release, allowing the sonic landscape to drift into his interior world of elusive and impressionistic thoughts and images.

Disc 1
1. Gone To GroundMP38:35 
2. Message In The SandMP38:49 
3. The Sleepwalker's Ocean - i. CloudburstMP35:14 
4. The Sleepwalker's Ocean - ii. BogMP35:08 
5. The Sleepwalker's Ocean -iii. Night Ferry 8:13 
6. The Sleepwalker's Ocean -iv. Geiger 6:52 
7. The Sleepwalker's Ocean -v. Lumin 4:31 
8. The Sleepwalker's Ocean -vi. Waywards 3:30 
9. DriftwoodMP36:57 
10. Not ForgottenMP311:05 
Disc 2
1. An Alternate Ocean (The Salton Sea)MP354:16 

The Hues of Infinity

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The Hues of Infinity
Various Artists
2015 Projekt ARC134 (CD)

A mid-2015 Projekt sampler, free at bandcamp.com.
1. Steve Roach: The Function Inside The FormMP35:45 
2. Steve Roach: Etheric ImprintsMP39:44 
3. Erik Wøllo: PathwayMP36:30 
4. As Lonely As Dave Bowman: Failure of the AE-35 unit Radio AntennaMP37:23 
5. Dirk Serries: Disorientation FlowMP37:26 
6. Stratosphere: The Search for Normality (reprise) 7:43 
7. Forrest Fang: The Unreachable Lands - ii. Song of the CamelMP33:47 
8. Alio Die, Lorenzo Montanà: Muns de Etrah 6:50 
9. Mercury's Antennae: They Are With Us 7:20 

Letters To The Farthest Star

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Letters To The Farthest Star
Forrest Fang
2015 Projekt PRO312 (CD)

LETTERS TO THE FARTHEST STAR is an ambitious and deeply personal dispatch: a far-reaching sojourn into the diverse ambient/electronic influences that helped shape the last three decades of Fang's unique "Fourth World" style. Fang began his tenth album with a challenge to himself: create a single work that acknowledged both past and present explorations while hinting at new avenues to come.

1. The Unreachable Lands - i. SunsailMP3 
2. The Unreachable Lands - ii. Song of the CamelMP33:47 
3. The Unreachable Lands - iii. Water VillageMP3 
4. The Unreachable Lands - iv. HermitageMP3 
5. Burnt OfferingsMP3 
6. Veldt HypnosisMP3 
7. FossilsMP3 
8. Seven CoronasMP3 
9. LorenzMP3 
10. Lines to InfinityMP3 

The Wolf At The Ruins / Migration

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The Wolf At The Ruins / Migration
Forrest Fang
2013 Projekt PRO290 (CD)

Projekt opens the archives to bring back two formative ambient works. Originally released in 1989 and 1986 respectively, THE WOLF AT THE RUINS and MIGRATION have been out of print for over 20 years. They're from the period when he began his own fusion of electronics and traditional non-Western instruments into a modernist blend of electronics, ambient and world music. Re-released with two bonus tracks per album, and remastered by Robert Rich, this limited edition 2-CD reissue of 300 copies is the definitive way to experience Fang's early visionary blend of space music, hypnotic minimalism and earthy polyrhythms with a Far Eastern bent.

Originally released on Fang's cryptically named Ominous Thud label, these releases incorporate tape delay techniques first popularized by ambient pioneers Robert Fripp and Terry Riley, combined with a broadening palette of influences from non-Western folk music to ambient music to progressive rock. THE WOLF AT THE RUINS, released in 1989, was a particularly significant album for Fang that brought him to greater prominence with extensive airplay on nationally syndicated radio show such as Music From the Hearts of Space and Echoes.

"These albums were really a turning point for me, musically," says Fang. "With my exposure to traditional Chinese music and other non-Western forms such as Balinese gamelan, I was seeing and hearing new colors and textures that seem to form their own sound and language, maybe just a bit beyond my grasp but close enough for me to preserve the essence of what I was experiencing."

"Fang's compositional stylings applied to the genre of space music with exceptional results." -- Billboard

What reviewers have said about THE WOLF AT THE RUINS:

"THE WOLF AT THE RUINS is an intriguing album that freely mixes space music with multifaceted ethnic colorings in a way that is sure to appeal to connoisseurs of experimental global music." -- Allmusic.com

"An oriental-occidental fantasy world of music is created; not new age nor background music, but something deeper, evocative and involved." -- Audion

"[Fang's] release ... confirms his stature ... as being among the best American synthesists. However, Fang does not rely solely on electronics. He works with traditional non-Western instruments and musical styles (especially those from his Chinese heritage), and processes them through contemporary technology and a more modernist approach ... Simply put, Fang has produced a gorgeous piece of work." -- Option

What reviewers have said about MIGRATION:

"Dreamlike and meditative soundscapes." -- New Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock

"Layered keyboards are the dominant instrument or repetition-based pieces reminiscent of Terry Riley and Mike Ratledge." -- Sound Choice

Disc 1
1. The WindmillMP34:42 
2. Passage and AscentMP311:47 
3. The Luminous CrowdMP36:24 
4. AmeliaMP32:58 
5. An Amulet and a TravelogueMP323:58 
6. Karina Waits At The WindowMP32:22 
7. Silent FieldsMP37:12 
8. MeditationMP35:23 
9. A Quiet PlaceMP310:09 
Disc 2
1. InvocationMP31:14 
2. Through A Glass LandingMP36:43 
3. ComfortMP33:26 
4. KoshiMP33:27 
5. Before SunriseMP32:54 
6. Second ImpressionMP31:16 
7. PeruMP33:12 
8. Gradual Formation In SandMP37:20 
9. Lowland DreamMP35:04 
10. SleepMP34:25 
11. White FencesMP33:03 
12. Evening SongMP35:47 
13. ArpeggianaMP32:30 

1-8, 1-9, 2-12, 2-13: bonus tracks


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Forrest Fang
2012 Projekt PRO274 (CD) – Eco-Wallet
Reviewed by Relaxed Machinery

Multi-instrumentalist / electronic composer Forrest Fang has been creating his powerful blend of world instrument East-West-influenced sound art for over three decades. The pieces have the elegance and grace of "serious" composed music but the overarching feeling is pure, all-organic, and very human at the core. On his latest, ANIMISM, a long list of acoustic instruments and some synths are brought into play. The thick harmonic stew is created from a deep and heady slow boil of acoustic and electronic sources, treated with extreme audio processing, finding a shared cellular bond after what feels like a long marinade in deep reverberating spaces. Highly recommended!
1. Tailing WindMP36:49 
2. The Chameleon's PaintboxMP36:20 
3. Islands In The SkyMP38:55 
4. Evening ChorusMP35:21 
5. Passing SunsMP37:40 
6. A Tributary UnwindsMP38:15 
7. Sleeping SnakesMP37:12 
8. Resting PointMP39:40 

Sans Serif: Unbound

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Sans Serif: Unbound
Forrest Fang
2011 Projekt PRO257 (CD)

Forrest Fang had been creating outstanding minimal, ethno-ambient recordings since the 80's. This new release could easily be filed in the Immersion category. Five pieces hover and slowly shift in a cloud-like movement. The pure texture is created from a strata of sinuous harmonic layers. The ambiguous source of the of sound is rich, organic and at times other-worldly.

1. Henon's AuroraMP313:20 
2. Chant of UrmMP38:52 
3. Lost OracleMP312:09 
4. A Silver SeasonMP312:28 
5. Tone In AliumMP310:32 


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Forrest Fang
2009 Projekt PRO230 (CD)

PHANTOMS is Forrest Fang's 9th solo album and the follow-up to his Projekt release, GONGLAND. Nearly eight years in the making, PHANTOMS builds on the gamelan-influenced soundscapes of its predecessor by weaving organic sounds of non-Western stringed and percussion instruments and filtering those sounds through a rich melodic tapestry of warm and vaporous atmospheres. Fang's subtly layered and continually evolving textures combine his Asian influences with his love of fractal algorithms that reflect the chaotic beauty of nature. The ambiences of PHANTOMS evoke a state of contemplation within a world in flux. The centerpiece of the album is a 23-minute ambient suite -- "The Hallucinations of Hung Tung" -- inspired by the otherworldly paintings of a Taiwanese fisherman and outsider artist.

1. Distant FiresMP3 
2. The Great WheelMP3 
3. Little AngklungMP3 
4. A Walk Through the CloudsMP3 
5. The Hallucinations of Hung TungMP3 
6. Slow RiseMP3 
7. Ebb in WinterMP3 
8. FloatMP3 

Euphony 2

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Euphony 2
Various Artists
2009 WWUH-FM (CD)
Disc 1: Swirl
1. Slow Dancing Socity: Dream Tonight  
2. Ron Boots: Lingering Twilight  
3. Hans Christian: Golden Rainbow  
4. Falling You: Alchemy  
5. Sankt Otten: Melancholie Fuer Millionen  
6. Alpha Wave Movement: Coastal Movements  
7. Jumpel: Alone in Rome  
8. Steve Roach: Translocation  
9. Dean DeBenedictis: Air Waiting Port  
10. Andreas Akwara: Blue Velvet (alternate track)  
11. Carbonheads: Phasers  
Disc 2: Drift
1. Michael Whalen: Half Light  
2. Soundician: Adrift  
3. Richard Bone: Son of Icarus  
4. Ariel Kalma: Flowing Dreams  
5. Dwight Ashley: Soon  
6. Forrest Fang: Cicadas  
7. Dino Pacifici: It  
8. Numina: Aleph Zero  
9. Serge Devadder: Frozen Flames  
10. As Lonely As Dave Bowman: Failure of the AK-35 Unit/Radio Telescope  
11. Code Tripper: Deserted Cities  


CD out of stock
Forrest Fang
2000 Projekt (CD)

Veteran new music artist Forrest Fang returns to the ambient explorations shown on earlier albums like THE WOLF AT THE RUINS. On GONGLAND, Fang, to quote his liner notes, explores his "recent and continuing fascination with Indonesian gamelan music, fractals, alternate tunings, and esoteric algorithms."


CD out of stock
Forrest Fang (with Steve Roach)
1994 Cuneiform RUNE68 (CD)
1. The Bridge Of Chuan-Chou: I. Crossing The River  6:27 
2. The Bridge Of Chuan-Chou: II. The Dragon King's Advice  4:30 
3. The Bridge Of Chuan-Chou: III. Falling Stones (Kuan Yin)  4:28 
4. The Bridge Of Chuan-Chou: IV. An Offering Of Wood  6:03 
5. The Bridge Of Chuan-Chou: V. The Eight Immortals  9:15 
6. Ehecatl MP31:58 
7. Receiving The Approaching Spirit MP34:24 
8. The Healing Stick Of Cabaeza De Vaca   13:27 
9. Gender Lament MP33:46 
10. A Shaman In Pursuit Of Chabui's Image MP38:09 
11. Departure MP31:50 

8. with Steve Roach, Robert Rich

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