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Lorenzo Montanà appears on these releases:

Phase IX

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Phase IX
Lorenzo Montanà
2017 Projekt PRO339 (CD)

Playing frequently at The Timehouse, this outstanding new transmission is Italian soundcomposer Lorenzo MontanĂ 's first American release. These electronic ambient mindscapes form nine phases of a trip of the psyche. Lorenzo focuses on the floating / experimental side of his work, as heard on his collaboration with Alio Die, Holographic Codex; it's a downtempo evolution on his fifteen previous albums, including work on the famed German Fax label where he published his first CD and the 5-CD Labyrinth collaboration series with Pete Namlook.

1. Land's EndMP3 
2. Glopsyche EclipseMP3 
3. Dhalg FuMP3 
4. Mirror of ConsciousnessMP3 
5. Fall's OdysseyMP3 
6. Ura SenxetMP3 
7. Opal CaveMP3 
8. NaadmirMP3 
9. Strings of PatienceMP3 

The Hues of Infinity

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The Hues of Infinity
Various Artists
2015 Projekt ARC134 (CD)

A mid-2015 Projekt sampler, free at bandcamp.com.
1. Steve Roach: The Function Inside The FormMP35:45 
2. Steve Roach: Etheric ImprintsMP39:44 
3. Erik Wøllo: PathwayMP36:30 
4. As Lonely As Dave Bowman: Failure of the AE-35 unit Radio AntennaMP37:23 
5. Dirk Serries: Disorientation FlowMP37:26 
6. Stratosphere: The Search for Normality (reprise) 7:43 
7. Forrest Fang: The Unreachable Lands - ii. Song of the CamelMP33:47 
8. Alio Die, Lorenzo Montanà: Muns de Etrah 6:50 
9. Mercury's Antennae: They Are With Us 7:20 

Holographic Codex

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Holographic Codex
Alio Die, Lorenzo Montanà
2015 Projekt PRO311 (CD)
Reviewed by Music TAP, Prog Archives, Textura

Crossing styles and boundaries, Holographic Codex is a mixture of atmospheric ambience, IDM sequences and psybient textures; these cult Italian musicians create a blending of ritualistic soundscapes and technogenic landscapes. Alio Die has over 60 releases, some on America's Projekt label and others on his own Hic Sunt Leones label. Montana recorded five collaborations with Pete Namlook on Pete's German FAX label, plus released 10 solo albums with various European imprints.

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