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A Distant Light

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A Distant Light
Hollan Holmes
2010 (CD)
Produced by Steve Roach

Hollan Holmes has created some stunning visual art for Steve, including IMMERSION: ONE, PLACES BEYOND: THE LOST PIECES 4, and the graphic design elements for the IMMERSION STATION app. A DISTANT LIGHT is his debut release as an artist in sound, and a fine debut it is. His artistic touch seen in the visual realms translates directly to his sonic visions. Light-filled spaces and shimmering harmonic zones unfold in their own time and space. And space is the place for this release; file under Classic Space-Music, a'la Music From the Hearts of Space. Sonic enhancements and mastering by Steve Roach.

1. DriftMP37:36 
2. WellspringMP36:13 
3. InevitabilityMP311:03 
4. MalusMP34:20 
5. Mist And MythMP310:35 
6. ThresholdMP37:51 
7. The ArrivalMP38:38 
8. TwilightMP38:32 

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