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Soriah appears on these releases:

Possibilities of Circumstance

CD $8.00
Possibilities of Circumstance
Various Artists
2013 Projekt PRO295 (CD)

Carrying on the tradition of Projekt's unique multi-artist collections, POSSIBILITIES OF CIRCUMSTANCE is an international gathering of electronic and ambient artists featuring seven previously unreleased tracks. Steve's piece "Consumed by Sunlight" was recorded this Summer; a preview from an upcoming release created over 2013, SPIRAL MEDITATIONS, containing shimmering, spiraling and uplifting pieces full of light and energy. Look for it early 2014.
1. Steve Roach: Consumed by SunlightMP37:53 
2. Tim Story, Roedelius: Lazy Arc (excerpt) 7:36 
3. Robert Rich: Callyx 5:58 
4. Ulrich Schnauss, Mark Peters: There's Always Tomorrow 5:37 
5. Larry Fast: Tower Indigo 7:45 
6. Jeff Pearce: Mapping the Autumn Sky 6:39 
7. Nathan Youngblood, Soriah: Recuerdos De Luna 7:02 
8. Erik Wøllo: Misty Blue 7:22 


CD out of stock
2011 Projekt PRO264 (CD)

EZTICA, brethren follow up to 2009's ATLAN, draws a heavy, hungry first breath like that of the first man Quetzalcoatl created from maize. Soriah's virtuoso Tuvan throat-singing, Central Asian stringed instruments and hand percussion is perfectly melded with the neo-ancient airs of Ashkelon Sain's exquisite darkwave guitars, celestial electronics, and hypnotizing poly-rhythms. EZTICA has its roots in the ceremonial: ritualism, shamanism, butoh. It is a deeply organic experience, the voice drawing out the primordial spell, touching the earth, reaching for the sky. Captivating percussive sections with driven vocals glide effortlessly across windswept steppes, while otherworldly overtones hang like clouds in a frosted mountain range, all amid deep expanses of slowly shifting, mesmerizing tones. And when the Quetzalcoatl Kundalini of Soriah's lyrical throat singing fires down the spine, everything goes astral.

1. IixMP39:47 
2. TicochitlehuaMP33:51 
3. EzticaMP34:43 
4. Nica AnahuatlMP32:36 
5. EhecatlMP33:51 
6. ChocatiuhMP31:47 
7. XimehuaMP38:41 
8. TemicteopanMP36:55 
9. XiuhcoatlMP38:38 
10. OmeyocanMP38:53 
11. AmochantzincoMP38:25 


CD out of stock
Soriah, Ashkelon Sain
2009 Projekt PRO232 (CD)

This release will be a must have for fans of late Jorge Reyes, as well as Steve's deep shamanic explorations and overtone spaces from Mark Seelig and Byron Metcalf. Totally unique and a true crossroads of ancient and modern. Highly recommended!

1. YoallicuicatlMP3 
2. CehuiMP3 
3. TonacayoticaMP3 
4. Temictli AtlanMP3 
5. CitlalpolMP3 
6. XopancuicatlMP3 
7. AtlanMP3 
8. MorguulMP3 
9. BorbakMP3 
10. Tona AtoyaatlMP3 
11. Amo CahuitMP3 

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