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The River of Appearance

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The River of Appearance
10th Anniversary 2-CD edition

Vidna Obmana, Dreams in Exile
2006 Projekt PRO185 (CD)

Projekt re-releases Vidna Obmana's classic THE RIVER OF APPEARANCE with a bonus disc, the entire album performed by Oregon's Dreams in Exile. River was a high point of Obmana's early compositional style, presenting a minimal and serene flow utilizing sparse piano lines which intermingle with drifting keyboard loops and organic rainstick sounds. There is an overall harmonic unity on these 8 pieces, stripping dense walls back to reveal a slowly changing sound configuration. The second disc is not merely bonus tracks, but a complete re-creation of the original on traditional instruments.

Disc 1: by Vidna Obmana
1. The Angelic AppearanceMP35:48 
2. Ephemeral VisionMP38:47 
3. A Scenic FallMP310:23 
4. Night-BloomingMP38:28 
5. The Solitary Circle 6:17 
6. Weaving ClusterMP35:15 
7. Streamers of StillnessMP37:25 
8. The Ominous DwellingMP36:35 
Disc 2: re-creation by Dreams in Exile
1. The Angelic AppearanceMP3 
2. Ephemeral VisionMP3 
3. A Scenic FallMP3 
4. Night-BloomingMP3 
5. The Solitary CircleMP3 
6. Weaving ClusterMP3 
7. Streamers of StillnessMP3 
8. The Ominous DwellingMP3 

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