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Jon Jenkins appears on these releases:

The Crossing

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The Crossing
Jon Jenkins, David Helpling
2010 Spotted Peccary Music SPM9073 (CD)

Since the release of their first collaboration, Treasure, David Helpling and Jon Jenkins have spent the past two years in the depths of deep exile carefully crafting a new recording, and are now ready to resurface with THE CROSSING. With this latest collaboration, Helpling and Jenkins embark on a fresh sonic expedition: a cinematic, powerful and deeply melodic triumph that lifts their music to new heights.

1. AwakeMP34:13 
2. Two PathsMP36:57 
3. From the Smallest SeedMP35:35 
4. The Same SkyMP36:07 
5. The CrossingMP35:58 
6. Above AllMP33:28 
7. For the FallenMP39:29 
8. The LessonMP36:38 
9. To the Ends of the EarthMP38:23 
10. Not ForgottenMP37:16 
11. LiftedMP36:35 


CD out of stock
Jon Jenkins, David Helpling
2007 Spotted Peccary Music SPM9071 (CD)

This is a beautiful new release from the synth and ambient guitar duo of Helpling and Jenkins; six years after it's inception, it finally comes to light and it's worth the wait. They strike a fine balance between evocative ambient moodscapes and graceful, alluring melodies in the vein of Patrick O'Hearn and Eric Wøllo. Where they stand out is in creating majestic, broad landscapes suggesting dusk and dawn all at once. A current favorite here.
1. Grand CollisionMP3 
2. Treasure  
3. The KnowingMP3 
4. Beyond WordsMP3 
5. Into The DeepMP3 
6. Not A Soul, Not A SoundMP3 
7. The Frozen ChannelMP3 
8. Now More Than EverMP3 
9. This Day ForwardMP3 
10. The First GoodbyeMP3 

Beyond City Light

CD out of stock
Beyond City Light
Jon Jenkins
2005 Spotted Peccary Music SPM0403 (CD)

Spotted Peccary artist Jon Jenkins is one of the standout artists on this California based New Age-ambient label. His style leans more towards the melodic-themematic, which always exists within a lush atmospheric space created from an array of synths and processing. This is a stand out release from his body of releases. If you enjoy the classic period Patrick O'Hearn and Eric Wøllo, then this could be a new discovery for you.

1. The CallingMP3 
2. Zzyzx RoadMP3 
3. Through City LightMP3 
4. Secrets of the VirginMP3 
5. LegacyMP3 
6. Deep Sleep and Dying EmbersMP3 
7. The SourceMP3 
8. Sky of SurrenderMP3 
9. Through Different EyesMP3 
10. ForeverMP3 

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