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Amplexus: Collected Works

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Amplexus: Collected Works
Various Artists
1997 Projekt PRO72 (CD)

The artists created these three, 20-minute pieces for the Amplexus series in Italy, originally presented on a 3-inch CD, each limited to 1000 copies. Roach and Vidna Obmana draw from the tribal-ambient well, while Brennan provides a driving, hypnotic sequencer-style piece.
1. Vidna Obmana: The Transcending Quest (Moonstream / The Quest / Authentic Space)  
2. Thom Brennan: The Path Not Taken 19:17 
3. Steve Roach: The Dreamer Descends 11:40 
4. Steve Roach: True WestMP33:05 

The Dreamer Descends

CD out of stock
The Dreamer Descends
Steve Roach
1995 Amplexus XUS05 (CD)
Reviewed by The Tracking Angle
1. The Dreamer Descends 11:40 
2. True WestMP33:05 

limited-edition 3-inch CD

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