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The Leaving Time

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The Leaving Time
Steve Roach, Michael Shrieve
1988 Novus / RCA 3032 (Cassette, CD, Vinyl)

This long-lost, out of print release presents a collaboration with legendary Santana drummer Michael Shrieve to present a music that has been described as "Big Screen Music". Heroic themes, driving electronic and acoustic percussion tracks, rich atmospheres and searing melodic work from David Torn create a sound that is impossible to classify, but clearly has a progressive feel in the true meaning of the word.
1. The Leaving Time 4:52 
2. March of Honor4:55 
3. San Diego 8:44 
4. Theme For The Far Away 5:07 
5. Tribes 4:57 
6. Big Sky 7:46 
7. Edge Runner 7:31 
8. The Leaving Time (Reprise) 1:15 

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