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Into the Majestic

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Into the Majestic
Steve Roach
2021 Timeroom Editions (CD)

INTO THE MAJESTIC starts 2021 on high note of radiant optimism while traversing a consequential moment in time. Relentless in connecting to a stillpoint within, the title track "Into the Majestic" was premiered and filmed as it unfolded during Steve's October 24th 2020 Timeroom concert livestream. The shimmering multidimensional inner weavings are at once delicate and expansive, showing the way forward with grace and resoluteness. -- NOTE: A collectors' limited-edition CD (300 copies) will be available in early February 2021. If pre-ordering the CD before it releases, your entire order will be held until everything is in-stock.
1. Into the Majestic 49:40 
2. The Spiral Heart 24:19 

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