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Hi-Res 24-bit 96 kHZ 
Steve Roach
2018 Projekt PRO354 (CD) – Digipak
Reviewed by Exposé Online

Mercurius is a resplendent sonic expression on the psychology and spirituality of impermanence and finding comfort in the liminal spaces of the in-between. Moving beyond the security of naming the infinite nuances intrinsic to being human is just one of the threads of intention woven into this music. Composed in four movements, Mercurius is a soulful resonation upon the ineffable.

The ebb and flow within Mercurius emerges from its own space and time moving beyond ambient, immersive or drone-based pieces. Masterfully delivered, Roach's singular evolving language of contemplative soundworlds arrives at a place of deeper refinement. Through the stately, profound pacing of chordal harmonic structures the diaphanous suspension and release of the four movements breathe with exquisite grace and depth.

"This release could only have been created at this point in my life, after all that has come before, bringing me to this point in my music's evolution and to this place of which Mercurius speaks..." — Steve
1. Liminal – At the threshold of the in-between 7:27 
2. Immanent – Innate, intrinsic, inborn 27:58 
3. Aeon – Forever... and a day 24:09 
4. Mercurius – Alchemical creation from the realm of opposites 14:23 

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