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Lie Symmetry

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Lie Symmetry
2018 Geophonic Records (CD)
Reviewed by Expose

On LIE SYMMETRY, Aperus creates an ambient work of highly saturated color and sound, blending resonant analog synths, warm textures and a compelling selection of field recordings. Here, he works as sonic sculptor, exploring the edges, carving the sound with a hands-on approach. The result is an organic nuanced expression of a synesthetic vision, unified with a presention of his artwork. Defying easy categorization, the album combines elements of ambient, electronic, environmental and drone music to create a wide array of emotional tones. With all of its layers and contours, LIE SYMMETRY is sure to reward repeated listens and appeal to fans of various ambient styles and deep drone spaces.

Aperus adds, "The album title was taken from a radio segment describing the quantum behavior of cobalt ions when they're cooled to absolute zero. LIE SYMMETRY is the mathematical theory (named after Sophus Lie, 1842 – 1899) that describes the amazing visual patterns that occur. I loved the idea that beauty could be found under these extreme conditions. I also found a series of accidental photos taken during a hike with symmetrical qualities which provided a strong visual metaphor for the album."

About the artist

Aperus is an ambient musician and photographer living in the high desert of Santa Fe, New Mexico. In addition to his own recordings, he is also known for his work with the highly regarded ambient / electronic duo Remanence. With each recording, Aperus seeks to capture the emotion and sense of place found in his landscape photography and field recordings and translate them into an audio / visual experience for the listener. He often travels thirty miles a week on foot with camera and recorder in hand, hoping to capture new sights and sounds for his next project. Approaching his craft with a beginner's mind, he welcomes accident and chance as valued collaborators. This approach has repeatedly opened new creative doorways and earned him praise amongst listeners.
1. VLA 1MP36:12 
2. Frozen, BrokenMP37:10 
3. When the Mountains Wear Black HatsMP34:12 
4. HimalayaMP33:21 
5. VLA 2MP37:46 
6. Marsh Lake, OctoberMP39:02 
7. Ephemeral RiverMP35:37 
8. Unfrozen, UnbrokenMP35:11 

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