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Molecules of Motion shirt

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Molecules of Motion shirt
Steve Roach
2018 (Shirt)

After many requests, we are excited to present a new run of shirts. Beautiful print work on an American Apparel 100% soft-cotton shirt.

Molecules of Motion

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CD  $16.99 
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Hi-Res 24-bit 96 kHZ 
Molecules of Motion
Steve Roach
2018 Projekt PRO353 (CD)
Reviewed by Expose, Musique Machine, Prog Archives, Sonic Immersion, Synth & Sequences, The Stranger

Nominated for a GRAMMY Award, MOLECULES OF MOTION is a sonic marvel: shimmering, pulsing, moving, emotional and engaging. A tapestry of sequencer-spun patterns floats upon an atmosphere of lush emotive textures alive with a vibrant, life-affirming glow. These four pieces can best be described as meditations upon elegant motion and electro-sensual space.

Roach calls upon an expansive 35-year legacy at the forefront of electronic music creation. MOLECULES OF MOTION is a masterful album with roots in the Berlin School and a foot in the transcendent unknown of the future flowing into now. Roach's sonic universe merges into a realm that induces a weightless, three-dimensional sensation: a feeling of floating while simultaneously energized and informed from a serene calm center.

His music itself has long transcended the tools with which it is made, while his choice of hardware-only, and mostly analog, instruments is fundamental to the signature sound of MOLECULES OF MOTION. It is proof positive of the artist bringing the high and deep together in this touchstone release.

As his creative approach evolves, the categories of classification dissolve. The rich palette of synth textures and intricate layers of lattice-work embraces the senses activating a heightened awareness while evoking an emotional resonance and reverie, a quality unique within all of Roach's soundworlds.
1. Molecules of MotionMP324:21 
2. Grace MeditationMP323:39 
3. Phase ReverieMP310:11 
4. Empath CurrentMP315:02 

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