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CD $15.00
Jeffrey Koepper
2016 Air Space Records (CD)

TERRELEKTRA is the followup to last year's KONNEKTIONS. Koepper continues the electronic flow, utilizing exclusively vintage synthesizers and sequencers to create a beautifully evocative planet of sound. Deep atmospheres blend effortlessly with sequential rhythms to propel the listener to emotional memory, space and beyond.

Accomplished U.S. synthesist Jeffrey Koepper, also known as Analogue Jeff, recalls TERRELEKTRA was conceived as a far-away planet of sound where the tracks all merge together like an electronic atmospheric journey through this world. In the process of creating the music using only analogue gear, and being invited to play at the Dutch E-Day 2016 festival, the thought of Europe was a constant presence and an influence. It led eventually to an inspired and rich-sounding aural canvas where atmospheres swell up like the tides and reveal rhythmic sequencer pieces with interlocking patterns that constantly evolve and ebb and flow with the tides of this world.

Once again, Mr. Koepper's layering of vintage textures is exquisite and expert all through the album, with this mesmerizing Berlin School vibe shining through deep atmospherics. On the other hand, a tantalizing and lively sequencer feast presents itself on "Interlogic", the most dynamic piece on TERRELEKTRA. Aficionados of Jeffrey's music shouldn't hesitate to get it right away. Well done, Jeffrey.

1. RadianceMP39:29 
2. Solar CurrentMP34:43 
3. Analog DriftMP34:36 
4. SatelliteMP37:24 
5. Odyssey Part I 11:04 
6. Odyssey Part IIMP37:06 
7. InterlogicMP39:53 
8. TelepathsMP37:16 
9. After the FallMP310:01 

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