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Bloodmoon Rising Night 3

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Bloodmoon Rising Night 3
Steve Roach
2015 (CD)

BLOODMOON RISING NIGHT 3 is music created for the third of four consecutive blood moon lunar eclipses. Number 3 occurs April 4th, and this release will be exclusively at Bandcamp on April 2nd -- name your price. The piece will available in advance to night sky watchers who can see the eclipse in their timezones.

In this third phase, the focus is the deepest part of the eclipse: darker, deeper, stillness.

We have received many questions about the first Bloodmoon piece and the limited edition 4-CD set. Here is the big picture: In mid-September 2015, a 4-CD 1000-copy limited edition Digipak will be released on Timeroom Editions. This will present all four Bloodmoon Rising 70-minute pieces as a tour-de-force of deep ambient noir, available in a beautiful 4-CD presentation and as various download options.

Disc 1: The first Bloodmoon Rising track, recorded April 2014 for the first eclipse, is currently unreleased. It will be disc one in the set.

Disc 2: The October 14 2014 BLOODMOON RISING piece. Available from Bandcamp, name your price.

Disc 3: Night 3, the April 4 2015 piece, released at Bandcamp April 2 2015.

Disc 4: The piece for the September 28 2015 Blood Moon eclipse.

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