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Bloodmoon Rising Night 2

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Bloodmoon Rising Night 2
Steve Roach
2014 (CD)

This piece was created over the last few days leading up to the Blood Moon night of October 7th, 2014. So much of my work is born from the deep end of the night immersion. Staying aware of the moon's many phases, from full to new, has always been a part of my creative undercurrent; the opportunity to acknowledge this moment in time without question made this piece flow forth. Tuning into this Blood Moon feeling -- mixed with the sense in the air right now of the season's change -- is inside this piece, and now I quietly offer it up to the moon and to you in a more spontaneous way, only through Bandcamp.

November update: Bloodmoon return, the big picture...

A tremendous thank you for your overwhelming response to the "Bloodmoon Rising" piece. The spontaneous expression and immediate sharing was, like that night, a unique and inspiring experience. We will do it again! Mark your calendar for April 4th 2015. This is the date for the next audio chapter in the Bloodmoon Rising Tetra, with a new piece created in the days leading up to going live that evening on Bandcamp. Then on September 28 2015, the final piece in the Bloodmoon Tetra cycle will arrive. A limited 4-CD set will feature all four long-form pieces created for these moments in time; and on the night of the September 28th eclipse, this fourth piece will also be up at Bandcamp.

1. Bloodmoon RisingMP370:40 

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