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The Delicate Forever

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The Delicate Forever
Steve Roach
2014 Projekt PRO305 (CD)
Reviewed by Hypnagogue, Santa Sangre

Steve Roach's new studio release THE DELICATE FOREVER presents a reverie of gentle and etheric ambient sound meditations that awaken complex and resonant states of emotional and psychological perspectives. The nuanced, minimal electronics interplay with a masterful use of musical space, breath, silence, and rich textural colors in a subtle dynamic flow. Nurturing the senses in inexplicable ways, these sound paintings become an evocative environment for activating a state of rarefied reflections.

As a pioneer of ambient-electronic-contemplative music, Steve Roach has dedicated nearly four decades to creating a music that connect into a deep well of inspiration and innovation. His expansive, time-suspending sound worlds earned his position in the global pantheon of major new music artists. His live concerts are events that draw avid participants from around the world. His studio work blends seamlessly into the live setting just as the in-the-moment live energy informs the core of his work in the studio.

Roach says the process of revisiting his classic STRUCTURES FROM SILENCE, for its recent 3-CD 30th anniversary reissue, helped inspire the pieces that evolved into THE DELICATE FOREVER.

Roach reflects, "After placing such detailed focus on the Structures From Silence remaster, along with the new pieces on the second and third disc, I was taken through the eye of the needle in many ways. This new sense in my fingertips awoke when using the analog instruments, giving way to a new level of subtle, delicate sonic shifts of harmonic texture and form. At the same time, a kind of hearing through an 'inner' ear seemed to occur. A reaching towards new tonalities and colors became my obsession: making this conscious is where I am living now, day and night. The 'forever' is directly connected to the underlying current of life: mortality. THE DELICATE FOREVER maps out a new phase in my current work, reaching further towards a deeper ineffable experience.

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1. The Delicate Forever (edit)MP324:42 
2. Well SpringMP313:35 
3. Where the Mysteries SleepMP312:35 
4. Perfect SkyMP313:45 
5. HearAfterMP39:10 

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