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The Long Night

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CD $15.00
The Long Night
Atmospheres for the Night Journey

Steve Roach, Kelly David
2014 Projekt PRO297 (CD)
Reviewed by Santa Sangre

THE LONG NIGHT is a deep-breathing sigh of the eternal nocturnal: gossamer atmospheres for the still hours of the night. Focusing on non-rhythmic, textural-harmonic electronic soundscapes, this collaboration unfurls like slow-moving, moonlit clouds. Although THE LONG NIGHT leaves the lighted world behind, its midnight path leads to a state of gleaming serenity and calmness. This music is contemplative, though not brooding: a meditative environment filled with open spaces and tendrils of sound composed of shifting subtle moods and gleaming electronic passages.

The collaboration began during several late night sessions at Kelly David's Denver studio, where the two artists carved-out the basic tracks using only analog modular instruments. The sonic palette expanded when the recording moved to Steve's Arizona Timeroom studio, bringing in a deeper textural quality utilizing processed acoustic sounds and an expanded collection of analog and digital synthesizers, plus subtle outboard processing. The final mix by Steve further uncovers a dimensional depth, delivering on the subtle and intricate tones of David's and Roach's years of journeying the ambient night skies through the long nights.

THE LONG NIGHT is a sixty-one minute mental excursion into unforeseen creative possibilities when the night becomes a special time beyond sleep, a contemplative zen noir of minimal radiant ambience.

1. Last LightMP310:52 
2. Season of NightsMP310:16 
3. The Deep HoursMP312:25 
4. Calm WorldMP313:06 
5. The Long NightMP314:09 

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