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Radiant Mind
2012 Periphery OTP7012 (CD)
Produced by Steve Roach

SENSE is the debut release by US artist Radiant Mind. Steve Roach helped nurture this release into being with production and sonic contributions. Radiant Mind's first offering delivers a warm and inspiring soundworld experience. While this is the first release from Radiant Mind, the artist has been creating electronic music for many years, choosing to create away from the public platform.

A kaleidoscopic quality to the pieces reveals a stellar inner-space music offset by fluttering cyber beats and strangely unfurling atmospherics. Shadows of historic German electronic music and American EM pioneers are present, while the overall sound is right now.

1. Inner DimensionMP38:16 
2. Sense OneMP35:49 
3. Sanctuary in LightMP36:37 
4. Sense TwoMP35:55 
5. Sense ThreeMP35:05 
6. Reaching the BeyondMP39:06 
7. Radiant MindMP322:48 
-  medleyMP314:01 

Limited edition in round metal tin.

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