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Sans Serif: Unbound

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Sans Serif: Unbound
Forrest Fang
2011 Projekt PRO257 (CD)

Forrest Fang had been creating outstanding minimal, ethno-ambient recordings since the 80's. This new release could easily be filed in the Immersion category. Five pieces hover and slowly shift in a cloud-like movement. The pure texture is created from a strata of sinuous harmonic layers. The ambiguous source of the of sound is rich, organic and at times other-worldly.

UNBOUND is veteran ambient musician Forrest Fang exploring lush and abstract terrain under the Sans Serif moniker. Using very small -- at times microscopic -- sounds as source material, Fang utilizes a vocabulary of long shimmering tones that gradually warp, mutate and transform over the course of a piece.

Fang explains, "The Sans Serif project is my tribute to minimalism. For each piece, I have stripped sound down to certain tones and sonic elements that reappear, with variations, on a much larger scale. The processed elements are the 'clouds' in each piece's landscape that gradually shift from one end of the landscape to the other."

On UNBOUND, Fang takes the Sans Serif concept one step further by creating a series of extended soundscapes, each with its own distinct personality and mood. The varied atmospheres range from incandescent ("A Silver Season") to dark ("Lost Oracle"). Though rooted in abstraction, at times the music possesses an almost luminous physicality. The pieces on UNBOUND contribute to an unhurried organic flow that culminates in the multi-textural closer, "Tone In Alium," a piece loosely inspired by Thomas Tallis' 16th-Century polyphonic work, "Spem In Alium."

UNBOUND is Fang's 10th solo album, 3rd Projekt release and 2nd release from Sans Serif. Not surprisingly, Sans Serif's first release, Tones for LaMonte (Hypnos 2008), was a tribute to minimalist composer La Monte Young. Throughout, the subtle psychoacoustics invite headphone listening, but its grand scale may perhaps be best appreciated over speakers.

"These beams of silvery sonic light are absolute gems." -- e/i Magazine

"Strings are grazed, tones are warm, rich and resonant, the atmospheres serene and enchanting." -- White-Line Blog

1. Henon's AuroraMP313:20 
2. Chant of UrmMP38:52 
3. Lost OracleMP312:09 
4. A Silver SeasonMP312:28 
5. Tone In AliumMP310:32 

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