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Sleep Research Facility
2008 Cold Spring CSR34CD (CD)

Ultra deep ambience, droning, churning, groaning and pulsing soundscapes based on the first 8 minutes of the movie "Alien" which depicts the deep space haulage vessel slowly moving through the void. The disc takes you through a slow trip into the ship via tracks Deck A - E, deeper and deeper into the bowels of the "Nostromo". Colossal dark ambience from the abyss, with beautiful artwork that evokes the sinister atmosphere of the ship. NOSTROMO was first released in 2001, and was reissued in December 2007 with the bonus track "Narcissus".

Ambi-Entrance review: Yes, that Nostromo... Fans of the "Alien" films will already be familiar with the dead starship. Now, join Sleep Research Facility in exploring her techno-ominous passageways, devoid of human life but pulsing with unknowable circuitry... and not just extended hums from machinery as big as the local mall, mind you; these atmospheres are artfully arranged with textural elements and almost-musical essences. A certain dread looms as the craft's various levels are traversed, deck by darkened deck. Beyond the mechanical throbbing which fills the void of A-Deck (14:01), turbulent space rumbles and swells with fearful powers. Solar winds seem to blow outside of B-Deck's (hopefully!) protective layers; these halls are permeated with coming-then-going drones of some still-animate system. Mysterious (and more-minimalistic) patterns seep across E-Deck (11:21), joined by deep metallic gongwaves which reverberate in long, flat planes. Once you've walked the nightmare hallways of NOSTROMO a few times (and are relatively sure you're not going to be consumed by those unstoppable aliens), you may even find a cold comfort within these oh-so-isolated surroundings. I appreciate that Sleep Research Facility kept this at a sedate-though-chilling level of technological remoteness, with no chest-popping monster sounds or dialogue from Ripley. An 8.9 for over an hour of serious thematic immersion.

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