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Deep Frieze

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Deep Frieze
Sleep Research Facility
2007 Cold Spring CSR72CD (CD)

Ultra deep, glacial ambient based around Antarctic coordinates. The polar regions are awe-inspiring environments of inhospitable minimalism, and at the same time there's a beautiful serenity to be found in their uncharted bleakness. There's a powerful purity and a timelessness to be found there; snow which has lain un-trampled for millennia and ice which formed eons ago; mountain ranges and deserts and rivers to be found if you look. DEEP FRIEZE is Sleep Research Facility's second album for Cold Spring and here deep, resonant, abyss-like drones shine forth from icy chasms below. SRF's previous release DEAD WEATHER MACHINE was a favorite here at steveroach.com mail-order HQ, and this release is currently a new favorite. Outstanding dark ambient.

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