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David Parsons
Celestial Harmonies 17059 (CD)

This is a musical journey through India and the Himalaya Mountains. Using a variety of synthesizers, David Parsons creates a beautiful and vivid musical picture. We hear and feel the driving wind and sense the mystery of the deserted snowy mountain meadows. In "Rishikesh", an underlying growling depicts the awesome feeling of standing at the base of the majestic Himalaya Mountains and looking up. The full-bodied rumble of "Kailasa" portrays the power of the shrine of Lord Shiva. In "Varuna Deva" rhythms are used like brushes to paint the lively Ganges River. Spiced with recordings of natural sounds, such as thunder and chanting, HIMALAYA is a passionate view of India and her mighty mountain range.
1. HimalayaMP33:21 
2. KailasaMP312:52 
3. AkbarMP36:00 
4. Varanasi DawnMP310:21 
5. RishikeshMP314:01 
6. Varuna DevaMP310:12 

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