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CD  $15.00 
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Kelly David
2006 Rocky Mountain Records RMR 0002 (CD)
Produced by Steve Roach

After his strong debut release BROKEN VOYAGE, electronic artist Kelly David presents a big stride forward in his sound design, composition and flow. Going further into the themes of exotic distant places, here he draws on the specter found in the forbidding Southeast Asian jungles and to a distant past when the mighty Khmer civilization ruled from an immense temple city called Angkor. In a similar way that David Parsons taps into an East Indian atmosphere and spiritual dimension of that region, Kelly uses harmonically rich textures and surreal sounds, along with ethnic-inspired rhythmic passages, to express a risky travelogue of mystery, impending vastness and danger of an area that is still being understood and explored on many levels today. Sonically, the CD was created primarily on analog instruments resulting in a warm and rich sound. Mastered by Steve Roach, and highly recommended.
1. Winds of ChangeMP38:26 
2. Outside the Temperate ZoneMP38:21 
3. Temple of DawnMP37:38 
4. Living In Interesting TimesMP38:28 
5. Wisdom of the AncientsMP38:35 
6. Echoes of AngkorMP312:09 
7. Empire LostMP39:40 

Mastered by Steve Roach.

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