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Antonio Testa
2005 Tantric Harmonies (CD)

Antonio Testa specializes in organic sound and the creation of musical atmospheres through the use of a vast array of mostly native and shamanic instruments, together with his own creations made from organic and recycled materials. Tribal-Ethno-Ambient is a genre merging musical forms and cultural sensibilities of the world's indigenous cultures sent through the filters of today's sound artists. By using state-of-the-art recording tools and processing technology, common ground is found between animal skin drum, the shaman's rattle and the digital domain. While the outlines of this style can be easily suggested and co-opted through more superficial cut and paste computer methods, RADIOFOREST shows that Testa clearly understands how powerful the authentic ethno-ambient form can be when created with a deep sense of the primal mind. Shifting trance percussion, ocarina, flutes, and synth textures co-mingle with field recordings from Mexico, Africa and Italy. In Antonio's words, the "radio" aspect is the music or the tribal drum transmitting outwards, a calling of the spirits to help the state of our planet. If you appreciate the solo music of Jorge Reyes, Testa and Alio Die, Suspended Memories, TUU, or Steve's ORIGINS and ARTIFACTS, then this is a must-have release.

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