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Lustmord (with Steve Roach)
2001 Nextera ERA20082 (CD)

The seventh Lustmord release, and the first since 1994's The Place Where The Black Stars Hang, METAVOID presents the logical development of the unmistakable Lustmord sound and pushes further into the cracks between remote psychological/existential sonic states. This sought-after Czech Republic import is now back in print, and here while supplies last. While musical fads and fashions all too often dictate form and function, Lustmord has no desire to be constrained by categories. His series of releases are defining Dark Ambient signposts. While METAVOID is born of its original industrial and soundtrack roots, and passes through contemporary electronica, it looks forward and beyond the new dark age. The Power of Sound.
1. The Ambivalent AbyssMP312:14 
2. Blood Deep In DreadMP37:54 
3. The Eliminating AngelMP311:45 
4. OblivionMP36:35 
5. The Outer ShadowMP36:44 
6. Infinite DomainMP38:27 
7. A Light That Is DarknessMP34:54 
8. InsignificanceMP35:00 

3. Bullroarer samples by Steve Roach; 4. co-written by B. Lustmord and Paul Haslinger

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