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Pathless Ways

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Pathless Ways
2005 (CD)

This CD is one of those rare releases that is so unique and evocative that it can only be (unfairly) compared to what has come before, to help give a feel for what's in store. Dead can Dance and other 4AD releases, Soul Whirling Somewhere, ECM, non-specific world and Eastern percussion and etheric voices are only part of this ambitious project. Passionately performed 12-string guitar and sitar are also woven into the mystical fabric. Surprisingly no synths or samplers were used, yet you still hear a wash of atmosphere throughout. Steve Roach was invited to do the final mastering, but did not add any processing or additional sounds. This is the kind of music you might hear wafting from deep within a misty overgrown forest as the light wanes into twilight.

Some listener reviews:

Simply fantastic. Much like "Listen," the melodious sounds of this album provide the listener with an indescribable musical experience that truely touches the soul. After a complete listening, I feel completely refreshed and relaxed, my body and mind emptied of any worldly stress. PATHLESS WAYS is, for lack of better words, simply fantastic. (Blake)

The Within beyond. The consciousness field this disc opens is vast and shimmering, invoking a joyous immersion in an inner terrain. Combine it with watching the visualizations in Media Player and time will utterly stop. To the meditative madman behind the mirror, now I see what all the months have been dedicated to. You truly have created a journey template for each of us to follow in our own way. (Merlin)
1. acrossMP3 
2. the wanderingMP3 
3. pathless waysMP3 
4. summoningMP3 
5. the risingMP3 
6. of our starMP3 
7. whose everMP3 
8. joyous lightMP3 
9. echoes in the gardenMP3 

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