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Long Night

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Long Night
Kyle Gann
2005 Cold Blue Music CB0019 (CD)

LONG NIGHT is exquisitely drifting, ever-unfolding music for three pianos that sometimes play independently and at other times in synchronization with one another. For this recording, all three piano parts were recorded by Sarah Cahill. Gann calls this "the most successful piece from my early, Brian-Eno-influenced, ambient period, a variable-length piece for three nonsynchronized pianos at different tempos." Kyle Gann is a force of nature. Composer, performer, author, critic, scholar, educator... Like the weather, he seems to be everywhere at once; a commanding presence in the landscape of American music. First and foremost, Gann is a composer. Like the man himself, his music is passionate, fiercely intelligent and one of a kind. Gann's music embraces a broad range of influences but sounds like no other." -- John Luther Adams, NewMusicBox (American Music Center)
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