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Vidna Obmana
2004 Relapse Records RR66242 (CD)

LEGACY is Vidna Obmana's closing chapter in his critically acclaimed and challenging Dante trilogy. The evolution of these darkly surreal soundscapes and harmonic themes now merging with Vidna Obmana's insistent grooves makes this an especially powerful conclusion to a relentlessly uncompromised series. While the trilogy plays with the duality of choices, parallel to the epic Dante poem -- covering the conflict of opposites, between good and evil, black and white -- equals Vidna Obmana's personal longing for an artistic and creative change in pace, profile and style. LEGACY brings forward a fusion of industrial, ambient, fourth world and even some post-rock elements, performed on electric guitars, overtone flutes and an array of electronic devices. This new album also features Steven Wilson, originator and leader of the group Porcupine Tree, who performs a haunting and thematic electric guitar passage to conclude the trilogy.
1. CantoMP32:45 
2. BloodshiftMP37:05 
3. Torment and ResolutionMP311:56 
4. Sinner's TongueMP37:33 
5. The Virtual InsomniaMP313:06 
6. Cycle of AgonyMP38:55 
7. Impious RisingMP311:43 
8. Legacy 10:54 

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