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Sanctuary of Dreams

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Sanctuary of Dreams
2004 Hypnos HYP2445 (CD)

Recording under the name Numina, Denver based space-music-ambient artist Jesse Sola has been working steady at crafting his sound-art since the mid 90's. His earlier releases mapped his progression with promise and demonstrated a real talent for original sound design. With SANCTUARY OF DREAMS his penchant for creating serene yet contrasting cloud-like textural landscapes has matured and come into focus on this beautiful release, which is sure to appeal to pure space-music listeners. Featured on the "Music From the Hearts of Space" radio program, where it felt right at home.
1. Awaken Within A Deeper RealmMP39:05 
2. Lost on Silica RidgeMP34:42 
3. Elements of TimeMP35:54 
4. In Loneliness, the Landscape FadesMP36:23 
5. Beneath the Silver SurfaceMP37:08 
6. Thrown Into OblivionMP36:31 
7. Fractured EyesMP35:34 
8. Dream Recognition (Silhouette of the Past)MP35:58 
9. Lucid AscensionMP38:40 
10. The Waking BreathMP312:58 

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