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Mystery's River

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Mystery's River
Dwight Loop
2004 Third Ear 100-101 (CD)

Sound artist Dwight Loop has been around the new music and electronic music scene for years. After a long run in the New Mexico circuit doing radio, performing in and promoting concerts including the presentation of Steve's first performances in Albuquerque (early 80's) and Santa Fe (early 90's). Eventually Dwight moved to the Bay Area to continue to explore sound in his own way. MYSTERY'S RIVER is astonishingly his first official solo release after many years of electronic music recording and performance. The result is a deep night drift moving downstream far from civilization. On this river one's awareness seems to pass fog-laden villages and strange ephemeral shapes just beyond view and at the edge of hearing. The CD brings an overall calm and a well-connected interweaving of enchanting muted atmospheres. At the same time it's apparent that this bamboo raft you're sitting upon is floating freely towards a heart of darkness... MYSTERY'S RIVER indeed.
1. Planet to PlanetMP39:00 
2. Continental DriftMP36:05 
3. KundimaMP35:36 
4. Swept Away (Upstream Mix)MP35:00 
5. Ohm Light OmMP33:07 
6. Colors of the WindMP34:55 
7. BuyaMP35:45 
8. Swept Away (Downstream Mix)MP35:03 
9. PeaceMP39:40 
10. Desert BlueMP34:36 
11. Voice of the Desert Stream 5:26 

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