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The Sacred Ordinary

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The Sacred Ordinary
Paul Ellis
2004 Groove Unlimited GR-098 (CD) – Netherlands import
Produced by Steve Roach

On THE SACRED ORDINARY, Paul's artistry in creating a palette of rich emotional sounds sets a foundation from which he weaves a series of electronic web-like pieces with a keen sense of melodic invention and dimensional symmetry. There is a hint of nostalgia in these tracks as well, if one has been privy to the classic melodic sequencer-style electronic music periods over the past few decades. This brings another kind of depth to the experience, while at the same time this music is really about the here and now as it unfolds with a kind a graceful patience and awareness to detail that keeps pulling you in deeper with each play.
1. IconMP39:25 
2. ShiningMP311:11 
3. The Sacred OrdinaryMP39:33 
4. Blue HeronMP34:47 
5. The Still Center of a Turning WorldMP37:25 
6. PresenceMP35:11 
7. CascadeMP39:18 
8. After AllMP33:12 
9. Turning Towards the SunMP36:06 
10. Slowly Beating WingsMP36:50 

1, 2, 3, 7 with Rudy Adrian; Steve Roach post-production and final mix enhancements

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