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Alio Die, Zeit
2003 Hic Sunt Leones HSL024 (CD)

Magic has blown its precious spores into the air. A human rite, humble and quiet, has evoked a red hot globe that gently illuminates the path toward the borders of SUNJA, the dream place where all vibrations start. Sometimes the light comes down from the sky, clear like a crystal. Sometimes it climbs slowly from the earth's depths, but it's always comforting. Crossing the thresholds of SUNJA is like landing on an uncontaminated island, its white sea-shores lapped by tepid foamy waters, inebriated with wide floral smells and saltiness in secret inland places and in caves dug from time, on top of the plateau from where it's possible to see beyond... SUNJA is creative strength enclosed in two long tracks of incredible intensity, rich in levels of knowledge, pure enchantment and beauty. The deep sound has an extraordinary symbolic and evocative power with a supreme purification owing to millenial percolations across the rocks. Music shines, beholds, resounds at the bottom of ourselves, lives and spreads out. We realize, in listening, that a light warmth closes in upon us, everything loses its own original sense, the gates open... the road is beaten. (Artist's description)
1. The Gates Are OpenMP3 
2. At the Threshold of SunjaMP3 

hand-numbered, packaged with collages and hand-made prints

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