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Beautiful World

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Beautiful World
Patrick O'Hearn
2003 Patrick O'Hearn (CD)
Reviewed by Bert Strolenberg, Echoes

As a soundsmith and composer of melodic elegance and grace, Patrick O'Hearn stands tall as a true original. This new release on his own label is a perfect balance of lush textures, melodic understatement and emotional space. The world needs more of this beauty.

"In BEAUTIFUL WORLD, Patrick O'Hearn continues the path of refinement and reductivism in his music, paying close and careful attention to detail, yet mindful of never exceeding that which is sufficient or necessary. The resulting compositions therefore seem to possess a rather kaleidoscopic quality, able to be listened to time and again, often discovering new or subtle elements along the way. From the dynamic opening of "Facing the Sun", to the calm repose of the closing, "An Evening Sky", we're taken on an intriguing journey by an artist whose experience and dedicated pursuit of craft is almost an anachronism in this day and time. When queried on his methods, O'Hearn compares his compositional approach to that of observing nature. "One can pick up a small stone and regard it at arm's length. However, the closer it is examined, the more a fascinating detail is revealed. That is what I strive for in my work." Recorded between January and June 2003, BEAUTIFUL WORLD is indeed a realization of that effort. Both rich and distinctive, it is a welcome offering from an inspired place, and engaging soul." -- Michelle Langford
1. Facing the SunMP3 
2. Magnificent RiverMP3 
3. ChanceMP3 
4. Beautiful WorldMP3 
5. Night Becomes HerMP3 
6. Approaching SummitMP3 
7. An Evening SkyMP3 

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