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Riding Between the Worlds

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Riding Between the Worlds
Linda Kohanov
2003 New World Library 1577314166 (Book)

Riding Between the Worlds: Expanding Our Potential Through the Way of the Horse -- Two years ago author and horse trainer Linda Kohanov wrote THE TAO OF EQUUS, a daring multidisciplinary exploration of the powerful spiritual, emotional, and psychological connections between people and horses. Its provocative narrative, blending her story of prescient dreams and ancestral communication with a wide ranging exploration of equine-facilitated therapy practices, created a worldwide demand for her workshops and lectures. In addition, she received thousands of letters and emails from readers around the world describing their own strange and wonderful experiences with horses.

Building on the theoretical groundwork in her bestselling debut, RIDING BETWEEN THE WORLDS concentrates on sharing these extraordinary, life-changing accounts. "I have the opportunity to share some of these stories, illustrating that personal anecdotes I initially worried were too strange to confess in print are not unique, but rather representative of the powerful connections that humans and horses around the world are having with increasing regularity as taboos against treating animals as equals lose influence," she says. "Defining exactly what shifts in the presence of horses, and why, has been the focus of my research for over a decade. In RIDING BETWEEN THE WORLDS, I delve more deeply into the equine mind and spirit to discover what these amazing creatures have to teach us about the untapped potential of our own species."

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