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Leaves Net

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Leaves Net
Alio Die
2001 Hic Sunt Leones HSL 019 (CD) – Italian import, artist-direct

The third part of an ambient trilogy, a creative path of the music of Alio Die presented with artwork and text by painter Janusz Gilewicz. Natural and acoustic sounds and noises, electronically treated and reworked, are integrated in a meditative and spiritual context that often - in the feeling - become close to a prayer. This music is rich with hidden sounds, with layers of elements to discover at each listening. Alio Die's artful music creates a melting of technology and mysticism, like a new ritual with echoes of a medieval time, deep and grounded in introspection.
1. Still RaptureMP3 
2. Breathing AgainMP3 
3. First PerceptionMP3 
4. Leaves Net  
5. A Chaos of DesireMP3 
6. A Fragment of FireMP3 
7. The Way of FireMP3 
8. Concerning Simple FireMP3 
9. Régénération  
10. DesireMP3 

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