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E-Live 1999/2002

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E-Live 1999/2002
Various Artists
2003 Groove Unlimited GR-092 (CD)

For you collectors, we have a small handful of this CD made by Groove in the Netherlands, a collection of artists featured at the E-Live festivals from 1999 to 2002. Steve has a 10-minute live version of "Hyperportal" from CORE. Comes in a mini slip-cover, not a jewel case.
1. Frank Van Bogaert: Geographic Displacements 9:22 
2. Wolfram Der Spyra: Nijmegen's Delight 23:44 
3. Amir Baghiri: TUE Thunderstorm 8:10 
4. Steve Roach: Hyperportal (edit)MP39:58 
5. Neuronium, Pascal Languirand: Neuronium and Pascal Languirand 10:59 
6. Braun, Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder: Not From This World (Bass Seq. Mix) 15:42 

"Hyperportal" recorded live; MP3's taken from CORE

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