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Aluminum Overcast

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Aluminum Overcast
Chas Smith
2002 Cold Blue Music CB0007 (CD)

Bowed, struck and caressed into a hovering cloud of tone and texture, Smith's world of sound mercilessly lights up the imagination while creating a constant sense of suspending time. Created on his instruments made from various metals, strings, rods and aluminum sheets and plates, this is a fasinating place to visit and feel the effects of.

"... musical experiences utterly out of the ordinary... Smith's pieces are music of experiment and discovery: a way of enabling the physical world to 'speak' by investigating, harnessing and organizing its sonic properties. The extraordinary sound-world of Smith's articulately structured music captivates from the start." -- International Record Review

"A world charted in a galactic spread of sound: slow, impervious and imperious... he creates pieces of chilling ethereality, by turns somber, spooky or impending. Something of seeing the universe in a single drop invests ALUMINUM OVERCAST. You cannot help but feel that, accompanied by Chas Smith, you enter on an exploration, a cautious safari where the best is revealed to the silent watchers and patient waiters... Smith's abstract soundscapes open and people the imagination... this is music conceived on the grand scale. Music of epic proportions, hinting at distances inconceivable, sizes unimaginable, powers inescapable. On a disc this small is a universe laid open. Here detail and the mundane are left far behind. The gates into an infinite land open at this magician's bidding." -- Misfit City (UK)
1. Uncovered The NestMP37:59 
2. GateMP35:24 
3. A Wasp on Her Abdmomen 7:01 
4. Rubic of Green 6:10 
5. Aluminum OvercastMP38:38 
6. Nachthrxen 14:54 

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